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Alibi For A Murder - Pieces

Alibi For A Murder
by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 22 January 2017, 1:17 PM

ALIBI FOR A MURDER plays fast and furious brutal Death Metal, similar to early CATTLE DECAPITATION and ABORTED.  Sebastian’s drumming is non-stop insanity; he is so fast, so precise that at some point you would swear the band has drum machine playing.  Damian’s Death vocals are crushing and don’t get buried in the mix; you’ll hear ever growl and scream with clarity thanks to the decent production.  Thankfully, he never does pig squeals.

When they are going full speed ahead, the band doesn’t really do anything different than most other brutal death bands.  What really sets them apart is their willingness to add in a dash of melody and slow things down for a bit.  Some purist may argue this would take away from their sound and is the opposite of the point of the genre but to me it keeps me wanting to hear what they might do next.

“No Mans Land” starts off with melodic guitars, simple drumming, and an awesome melodic bass line, that continues throughout the song. Niko’s bass is a constant standout on the album, which is a rarity for so brutal of a band.  He weaves in and out of the guitars and drums to create a sound all his own but it still melds with the band. The bass lines in “Sanity In Madness” compliment the song very well, starting out slow and dirgy just like the riffs of Hüseyin, who is a very versatile player for this type of band. The beginning of “Life Request” is a mixture of elevator and jazzy music that continues the sound with the bass while everyone else brings the metal. Its moments like this that really show how talented the band is and their willingness to step outside the boundaries of their brutal death.

I do wish they would experiment more because, like with any brutal death band, their sound does get old especially on the longer tracks.  At any rate, they are definitely worth a listen and rise above most of their ilk.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Perdition
2. Wrath of Eden
3. Anhuman Doctrine
4. No Mans Land
5. Writers of The Apocalypse
6. Sanity In Madness
7. Life Request
8. 120 Days Of Sodom
9. Distortion Mirror Twin
10. The Everflowing Chalice
11. Devolution
Hüseyin Yildiz - Guitar
Nikos Kampmeier - Bass
Damian Wolters - Vocals
Sebastian Metken – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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