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Alibi - Misdemeanours (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 15 September 2006, 4:31 PM

For anyone wondering how the hell British Rock - in general - music has lost the 'scepter' in being the centre of the Rock n Roll universe, things are quite simple: take into consideration the irrational skepticism of the British Press against Hard Rock & Heavy Metal acts, add the foolish ego of the island's scene towards the alien impact and multiply by the imbalance of preserving their own music creations/ideals against trends.
Alibi are based in Wolverhampton (NWOBHM heroes Spartan Warrior - or was it Split Beaver - hailed from up there? Can't recall…). Even if this is the band's debut creation, the majority of the lineup has enough credit in the British (hard) Rock business. Axeman Vince O'Regan was in prior associated to the likes of Bob Catley (Magnum - performed with him for the 2000 co-headlining tour with Ten and played on his excellent When Empires Burn album in 2003), No Sweat and Paul Hodson's project while 4-string instrumentalist Andy Mills performed with Dante Fox and Eden. Last - but not least - singer Rick Chase had some deeds with Irish 'marvels' Mamas Boys as well as Graffiti and - recently - Double Cross (toured with AOR/Pomp Rock legends Styx in 2005).
Alibi are 'located' in the field of British AOR/melodic Rock (beware: not the - as described in our days - Melodic Rock). Thus, comparison to British bands like Magnum/Bob Catley, Shy (at times), Tobruk (at times, again) and Ten (songwriting mode) are of normal thinking. For those not so familiar with the abovementioned acts, let's say that - in terms of American terms - some of Danger Danger, (late) Survivor and Nelson (do you remember these 'platinum' blond-haired twins?). The tunes are surely notable, mostly at mid-tempo grooves, while Rick Chase's singing is 'smooth' and rather sad at times (reminds me of a mix of post-Caterbury singing of Brian Tatler) while the distinctive usage of keys can bring a fitting mood to the songs. Still, it's such a pity - and the album's main 'minus' - that the production/sound of Misdemeanours is quite average; rather raw and 'thin' for such tunes, the vocals are a lot in front in the mix and the guitar/snare drum sound is poor. Maybe it's just the advance promo (I hope)…
How many people are keen on listening to 'melodic' Hard Rock coming from England? You better beware 'cause it seems the Brits are up to something the last years (e.g. see for the Firefest annual event). Until we find out what's being 'cooked', Misdemeanours will be a quite good company - with no high expectations, I should note - if you have money for one more out-of-the-budget CD.

3 Star Rating

Get Ready
No Reason
By Your Side
Out Of Love
Whos Foolin' Who
Yesterday's Day
Nothing Changes
Lost On The Inside
Rching In The Free World
Rick Chase - Lead Vocals
Vince O'Regan - Guitars
AJ Mills - Guitars
Andy Mills - Bass
James Wright - Drums
Record Label: Escape Music


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