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Alicate - Butterfly Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 01 November 2022, 2:01 PM

Even with the hardships of the modern world, what makes a band keep its career for years and years, even when they can’t reach the commercial success they deserve? Maybe the fact that music is an addiction that once you step out of the garage (where many bands start their careers), one won’t be able to get a common daily life anymore. And it’s the case of the Swedish quartet ALICATE, a veteran that is still making great music since the late 80’s, and here is back for another round with “Butterfly”.

The quartet’s efforts result in a form of Melodic AOR, that same old and good formula used during the late 70’s/early 80’s by acts as JOURNEY, TOTO, BOSTON, DEF LEPPARD (on “Hysteria” days) and others. It’s not a sin to say that the quartet’s music can seem ‘soft’, because it’s made of charming and accessible melodies, chorus that once heard never will be forgotten, and soft and silk ambiences (but with some savage moments, as can be heard on “Rise Once Again”). The formula isn’t new at all, but the quartet really surprises for their personal insight that brings everything a new life (but always with an outfit that respects the genre’s features). But what can someone expect of an act where one of its members wrote songs along names as SKILLS (where known musicians as Billy Sheehan and Brad Gillis are) and SWEET OBLIVION (with Geoff Tate himself) during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“Butterfly” presents a sound quality that is what one can expect from the genre: clean and defined (due the fact that the priority is the melodies and accessibility of the music, and not its aggressiveness), but with some distorted parts where it’s needed. It presents a very good work done in the studio, indeed. For those addicted on AOR songs filled with melodic hooks, “I Can Run” (very good guitars and keyboards arrangements, and the backing vocals are perfect on the chorus), “My Last Goodbye” (with a tender and silk priority during the track, but with energy arising on its chorus), “Rise Once Again” (a heavier song due the aggressive riffs, but that don’t tear apart the melodic outfit of the song), “Monday” (filled with a Bluesy/Country Music, witch charming rhythmic contrasts of bass guitar and drums),  “Out of Control” (another heavier song, with some elements that reminds what is heard on Nordic Heavy Metal School, with very good vocals) will do the job. In other hand, the softer songs as “Butterfly” (a deep and melancholic outfit with excellent keyboards arrangements) and “Highway” (a Pop Rock ballad with excellent and heavy chorus) will be those to refresh the mind and to enjoy the company of a loved person.

“Butterfly” is a charming release that will really cause a crush for AOR fans, showing that ALICATE still has a place in the scene.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Can Run
2. My Last Goodbye
3. Butterfly
4. Rise Once Again
5. Monday
6. Will Get By
7. Let It Out
8. Out of Control
9. Highway
10. Done for the Weekend
Jonas Erixon - Vocals, Guitars
Fredrik Ekberg - Bass
Glenn Ljungkvist - Keyboards
Jesper Persson - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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