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Alice In Hell - Creation Of The World

Alice In Hell
Creation Of The World
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 August 2018, 5:55 AM

Japanese thrash metal band ALICE IN HELL formed in Tokyo in 2011. The band has released two albums so far in Japan only. STF records has recently released them worldwide, much to the pleasure of the band, who cite METALLICA, MEGADETH, and MOTORHEAD as influences. “Creation of the World” was originally released in 2014, and contains eight tracks. Bloodcurdling screams open the song “Alice In Hell.” What follows is a fat moving riff based in open notes, and vocals that are somewhere between shouts and screams. I get an early EXODUS feeling here. Hamate also nails a shredding guitar solo that takes no prisoners. “Time To Die” is another song burning with pace. There is a main riff responsible for most of the sound, but they mix it up a bit with some alternative riffing so that the sound isn’t overly linear. “Rage 4 GT” features an aggressive riff an energetic sound. In some ways the hybrid reminds me MOTORHEAD, with that Metal and Punk-ish fuse. The title track, “Creation of the World,” is another song in this regard, a quick assault focused on a blistering riff and steady drums.

“Mosh of the Dead” has a “Toxic Waltz” from EXODUS style riff. It’s lower in the registry and a bit heavier as well. “The Battle of Ulster” refers to “The Ulster Division was an infantry division of the British Army, part of Lord Kitchener's New Army, formed in September 1914. Originally called the Ulster Division, it was made up of mainly members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, who formed thirteen additional battalions for three existing regiments: the Royal Irish Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Rifles and the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. The division served from October 1915 on Western Front as a formation of the British Army during the Great War.” In the case of the song, it’s an instrumental done in the IRON MAIDEN style of something like “Genghis Kahn.”

“Cry for War” opens with an ominous riff and a warning siren in the background, announcing the coming of war. A fast-picked riff provides the hasty sound of the title of the song. “Blood First” closes the album. It’s another spirited and heavy song that is relentless in its attack. Overall, what you will find on ALICE IN HELL’s debut full length is a traditional Thrash album in the realm of their influences, but without much stretching out. They have the sound honed and the performance down but just need to find a way to work in some of their own personality into the genre; otherwise it isn’t contributing much to a genre that has been played many times. Let’s hope they managed to do that with their sophomore release.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Alice in Hell
2. Time to Die
3. Rage 4 GT
4. Creation of the World
5. Mosh of the Dead
6. The Battle of Ulster
7. Cry for War
8. Blood Fist
Daisuke "Hamadie" Hamate – Vocals/Guitars
Mikihito "Von" Fukushima – Drums
Masatoshi "Mah" Iiyama – Bass
Record Label: STF Records


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