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Alien Deviant Circus - Ananta Abhâva

Alien Deviant Circus
Ananta Abhâva
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 May 2015, 8:34 PM

What means “to be different from the others” in these days we’re living?

Maybe it can mean to run always from models that were exhausted since a long time ago. Of course some bands really do nice works without doing anything new at all, but personally, “Big Daddy” here prefers some bands that try to create something new, or something different. That’s way of thinking is based on a lifetime experience that I carry since 1983: only those who create, musically speaking, something of their own, can endure for a very long time. BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, UFO, METALLICA, MEGADETH, MORBID ANGEL, and many others are still active, even passing great troubled times, due their creativity. And in Black Metal, to create is a demand. And the French trio ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS is up to this trial, as we can hear on their new album, “Ananta Abhâva”.

They are a band of Industrial Black Metal. Ok, the style was used before, I know that, but not in this way. We can say that they have a more brutal and direct way in Industrial elements (20% of their musical personality) and a Black Metal influence that reminds the bands from the SWOBM, like MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE, with that cold and darkened feeling (80% of their identity). Of course you’ll hear some effects that make the Industrial side of the band even clearer, but they are doing something way different. And this music is very good, indeed.

The sound production is fine, not so clear to tear apart the Black Metal feeling that the trio creates, but it’s truly far to be something nasty to the point that we couldn’t understand what they’re playing. Not, here, the quality is perfect for a Black Metal band in a trend near the second wave.

The only thing that can really cause some shivers on a extreme Metal fan is the duration of the tracks, with only two under 10 minutes, and the other three ones are above, with “AP (Nâda)” lasting more than 20 minutes! And we all know for sure that’s not a common feature of Black Metal. But if you’re not an impatient fan, for sure you’ll find a treasure here.

The best ones are “AP (Nâda)” (a mix of a ritualistic and somber Black Metal song, fulfilled with slow and bitter tempos and very good vocals, even with morbid Gregorian chants used in some parts), the climatic and darkened “Aham Tattva” (with tasteful riffs and some changes in tempos that are great), and the nightmare “Maha Pralaya (Pradhamsa-Abhava)” (with a perfect work done by the rhythmic session, that enriches the song). But hear “Hiranya - Garbha (Shakti)” and “Mrityu Moksha (Vâc)”, because the whole album is very good.

This band has a lot of to say, and if they can evolve a bit more, will be perfect.

4 Star Rating

1. AP (Nâda)
2. Hiranya - Garbha (Shakti)
3. Aham Tattva
4. Mrityu Moksha (Vâc)
5. Maha Pralaya (Pradhamsa-Abhava)
GRD - Bass, Guitars
Azat-Psy-Tantra - Drum Programming, Guitars, Vocals
Tankvinss - Guitars
Record Label: Necrocosm Productions


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