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Alien - Into The Future Award winner

Into The Future
by Jordan Rogers at 07 December 2020, 9:04 PM

In this album, we have a classical AOR band coming at us with a much harder and more modern sound. In the album, “Into The Future” by ALIEN, they drop much of the melodic flare that their older music tends to have and replace it with some heaviness. This album shows this band has an ability to adapt throughout the years while still holding onto their roots. I feel that this album does still hold a touch of that AOR flare that ALIEN has built their legacy on, but does an amazing job of incorporating harder rock sounds.

The first song “You Still Burn” is opened in a very heavy manner. The heavy strumming breaks way into the very melodic sounding voice of the lead singer. Throughout this song, there is a hard rock tone that is very hard to miss. Great drum work, a good guitar chorus, a powerful solo, some gnarly riffs, and this song has everything needed to get this album kicked off in the direction that it needs to go.

If we keep moving down the track list, you will see that this album has plenty more than a strong opening track to offer. Later on, at the fourth track on the album, we have “Time Is Right”. In this song, I feel you get much of the peaceful melodic sound that ALIEN has come to be known for in their earlier albums. However, this song does still hold onto that newfound edginess that this album seems to be aiming for. Opening this song with a keyboard and throwing it in the mix throughout the song with a hard rock drumline in the background gives this song a very unique feel and sound. Lyrically, the message behind the song is powerful and truly needs to be heard to be appreciated. Oh, and I almost forgot about the smashing guitar solo that is in there!

Further along in the album, we have the title track “Into The Future”. Here, we have a very intriguing intro. A harmonic voice just wails along to a peaceful melody in the background, but this melody is broken by something amazing. At close to the one minute mark, in comes that first pound on the drums, and from there this song takes on a much more hard rock feel. There are piercing vocals with a heavy drumline, screeching guitars, and an all-around well thought out song structure. This song is definitely heavier than it is melodic, but is that a bad thing?

Whether or not you are a fan of ALIEN already, this album should be one that you give a try. Who knows? If you don’t give it a listen, you could miss out on a band you never knew you could enjoy.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. You Still Burn
2. Night Of Fire
3. War Scars
4. Time Is Right
5. What Are We Fighting For
6. Into The Future
7. Freedom Wind
8. Really Wheeling It
9. Fallin Way Down
10. In Her Eyes
11. Children
Jim Jidhed - Vocals
Tony Borg - Guitar
Toby Tarrach - Drums
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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