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Alirio - All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass
by Leanne "Metal Maiden" Evans at 07 November 2021, 6:06 PM

ALIRIO is hugely renowned in his homeland, Brazil, with recognition as being a prominent and powerful musician in the rock world in his country and, in equal measure, a well-regarded actor. Gracing both stage and studio, whether it be in the rock musicals he leads centre stage, or as the frontman for prog and power bands SHAMAN, KHALICE and AGE OF ARTEMIS, it’s easy to see why ALIRIO’s countryfolk have fallen for him hard; he comes with a certain “je ne sais quoi” that is both charming and mesmerising to those who admire him near and far. Now, continuing his musical journey, and adding more strings to his bow in the music world, ALIRIO brings his highly anticipated debut album release, “All Things Must Pass”, a diverse collection of tracks from all angles of the rock spectrum.

Snatching a quick glimpse at bygone days of feverous hard rocking times, title-track “All Things Must Pass” cuts its teeth with real bite and snarling, venomous vocals that still carry plenty of melody, but plenty of visceral passion to carry the weight of the lyrics well in this mid-tempo stomper. ALIRIO doesn’t shy away from variety, opting rather to inject plenty of rock timbres into the album, with the likes of “Here I Am” presenting as a ballad with lots of moments of syrupy sweetness and the perfect honeyed tone in the guitar solo to top this track off as a moment to cool down and reflect. Contrastingly, “Back to the Roots” reintroduces hard rocking attitude, with plenty of gumption, grit and swagger, vim and vigour and something far headier in its ballsy and bold nuances, really complementing the thematic which seems to focus on ALIRIO’s own roots. This cut carries itself with conviction and showcases plenty of vocal control and searing passion to get your teeth into, all whilst feeling that there’s enough variation in the album thus far, without diluting ALIRIO’s talents.

The mid-section of “All Things Must Pass” opens with the sultry guitar of “The First Time”, shrouded with delicate keys and opting to omit drums for the first passage, paving the way for a dramatic cymbal heavy drum entrance that still respects the fragile nature of such a heartsore track. ALIRIO then opts to heal the heartbroken with the light and airy tones of “Edinburgh”, which comes with a very subtle nod to a Celtic inspired riff and has plenty of foot-tapping moments to enjoy. The album ramps up a notch once more, pushing through to the urgency of bombastic belter “I’m Still Here”, a cut that showcases ALIRIO’s effortless control, impressive range and tone, all wrapped up with plenty of melodic moments, great tempo and a very catchy hook that reels you right in. Speaking of ALIRIO captivating, the gentle and dulcet tones of “Grey” mesmerise with every piece of AOR flavour going. A duet between ALIRIO and Arnel Pineda of JOURNEY, this impassioned track possesses every piece of tantalising, mellifluous vocal harmonies your heart could desire, all shrouded by grandiose orchestral sounds, plenty of sumptuous piano lines and every ounce of AOR formulaic genius to create one of the most stunning ballads I’ve heard in recent times; this track alone is worth investing in “All Things Must Pass”.

ALIRIO has an exceptional ability to explore the complete range of rock soundscapes. From the lilting tease of soft rock, through to more aggressive hard rock flavours, “All Things Must Pass” is a kaleidoscope of sound that has you hooked from beginning to end. With instrumental finesse aplenty, through to the subtlety of ALIRIO’s own personal inspirations of CHRIS CORNELL, GEORGE HARRISON and QUEEN as a backbone, this is a debut album of great variation, with plenty of character and individualism that showcases ALIRIO’s immense virtuosity.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. All Things Must Pass
2. Let It All Burn
3. Here I Am
4. Back to the Roots
5. The First Time
6. Edinburgh
7. Back to the Light
8. I’m Still Here
9. Grey (feat. Arnel Pineda)
10. You Hate
Alirio Netto – Vocals
A Host of Guitarists
Adriano Daga - Drums
Felipe Andreoli – Bass
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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