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Alkerdeel / A Den of Robbers - CM Kamp 1996 / Horion Jugend

Alkerdeel / A Den of Robbers
CM Kamp 1996 / Horion Jugend
by Spyros Stasis at 28 January 2013, 5:49 PM

Sludge / Black Metallers ALKERDEEL and Sludge / Grindcore act A DEN OF ROBBERS (both hailing from Belgium) collaborate on this split release, out by ConSouling Sounds. So let’s see what we have here:

On the ALKERDEEL side, we have three tracks mainly focusing in Sludge / Doom with a few Black Metal passages (for example in the ending of the first track, “Nen Moartsen Meireloare”), the guitars got that characteristic Doom / Sludge sound, while the vocals throughout their songs are basically Black Metal screams. Now, the problem with this recording: the production is really bad, seriously it is not an actual recording, it sounds more like a demo done in some basement, the well known “echoes-coming-through-the-well” sound that Black Metal bands made famous in the 90s (especially BEHERIT). And just as a note: I do not mind bad productions, sometimes a not so clear production manages to bring forth some ambiance to the music (can you imagine DARKTHRONE or BURZUM having a crystal clear production?), but in this case it just does not. Everything is blurry, the drums are too loud, the vocals too quiet, anytime the cymbals are hit the whole song seems to distort, the guitars and bass are lost in places, it just does not work. From their previous releases (I do recommend that you check out their latest album “Morinde”, it is quite good) ALKERDEEL had the old school production but never reached that point. And it is just a shame because some of their riffs and grooves are actually really great, for example the really doomy riff about a minute in “Gezet Gelijk Ne Pui Op Ne Wegelink” and the last song on their side, “Veilleur de Nuit Noir”, which lose all their quality with this recording, and it just does not seem right.


On the other hand, A DEN OF ROBBERS was actually a really cool listen. With their grindcore/crust structures and sludge moments, the band managed to capture your interest with their songs. The production here is also quite old school, but at least nothing is lost from the bands energy and aggression. From the first second, A DEN OF ROBBERS grab you by the head and force you to headbang along to their groove. The drums and the bass work really nicely together; the sound of the bass in particular is really heavy and adds more weight to their music. And then they give us some interesting sparks of Black Metal, like their second song, “Children of the Next Level” and then to sludge riffs like “In Shades” and on top of all that a few quite catchy melodies, my personal being near the end of “People’s Temple”. A band that definitely has some promise.


All in all an interesting split, if the ALKERDEEL songs had a different production then it would certainly make the difference, but if you are interested in hearing some raw Sludge / Black Metal then you will still find some interesting material here. As for A DEN OF ROBBERS, I must say that I am looking forward to getting a full-length release from them in the future.

2 Star Rating

1. Alkerdeel – Nen Moartsen Meireloare
2. Alkerdeel – Gezet Gelijk Ne Pui Op Ne Wegelink
3. Alkerdeel – Veilleur De Nuit Noir
4. A Den of Robbers – Bob Larson
5. A Den of Robbers – Children of the Next Level
6. A Den of Robbers – In Shades
7. A Den of Robbers - Wanze
8. A Den of Robbers – Unit 731
9. A Den of Robbers – People’s Temple
10. A Den of Robbers- Plagues
11. A Den of Robbers – Venombles & Tombstone
Band (Alkerdeel):

Nieke - Drums
Pui - Guitars
Pede - Vocals
QW – Bass

Band (A Den of Robbers):

Isaac - Drums
Dieter - Bass
Jonas - Guitar
Stijn – Vocals
Record Label: ConSouling Sounds


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