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Alkoholizer - Free Beer... Surf's Up!!! Award winner

Free Beer... Surf's Up!!!
by Paulomaniaco at 07 January 2015, 4:58 AM

Italians are well known for being crazy and loud and ALKOHOLIZER is no different, I mean a band bearing such name has to be cool and indeed they are!!! Brewed  in 2006 in Sardinia and ready to party, their first bottle was called "Demo-Lizer" an Ep with four tracks and these guys were thirsty, after that a full album entitled "Drunk Or Dead" with songs like "Drinking Till Death" and "Alkoholik Metal" they made sure people got the message, beer and more beer, an excellent album and the bar was open. After few problems with band members they went off business for awhile and now have returned thirstier than ever with a new formation as well, new drummer Darken  and new guitarist Logan. Also Fabrizio taken on the vocals duties.

So the recipe is here and it is very good, the Devil's brew, fans of TANKARD will love this band and get drunk too, the production is very good, everything sounds cool and art cover is brilliant, very cool indeed, I mean Metal and beer, what can go wrong really?

"The Hog Mosh - Nozno Strikes Back" first track and the party begins, Thrash Metal at its best, cool riffs, lots of back vocals and killer solos, reminds me a bit of VIOLATOR and after a few beers I feel "Faceless"  more madness on the way, awesome vocals, fast and sharp and the screams are just fucking good!!! Excellent pace overall, now let's "Surfing Beer" there are no rules just good times, this is a very intense album, and if you don't like beer go away.

This album is for the Die Hard Metal Heads, great melodies and crazy chorus, the guitars do a fantastic job and the drummer kicks asses, "Breathalized And Destroy" has a great intro and the name says it all, cool song, fans of GEHENNAH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT will welcome this album for sure, "System Aberration" takes a more politic approach but the beers are still  pouring, another great song with that 80s sound, fast and aggressive, I will "Never Comeback Sober" yes that's right lets party hard,  very much a drinking song, cool as. "Antisocial Trap": don't be a fool and thrash till death, chorus reminds me of DESTRUCTION and lets the "Skating Madness" begins, another killer song, lots of variation and cool bass lines and solos and fuck it, I am going to open another beer!!!

"Mind Pollution" and "Stop Hit Off The Ghetto - Join The Boar Party!!!" closes down the bar with golden keys, don't worry tomorrow we open it again! Excellent, excellent, great album, amazing work, I want see these guys live and party with them, a big cheers to you brothers!!

5 Star Rating

1.The Hog Mosh - Nozno Strikes Back
2. faceless
3. Surfing Beer
4. Breathalize And Destroy
5. System Aberration
6. Never Comeback Sober
7. Antisocial Trap
8. Skating Madness
9. Mind Pollution
10. Stop Hit Off The Ghetto - Join The Boar Party!!!
Fabrizio Fele - Vocals, Bass
Marco Lai - Lead Guitar
Darken - Drums
Logan Heads - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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