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Alkymist - Sanctuary

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 June 2020, 4:33 AM

The mix between the aggressiveness of Hardcore with slow paced tempos of Doom Metal and the greasy and abrasive sonority of Southern Rock created what is called Sludge Metal. And although it has a crude format, many bands are into it, but just a few try to change the rules of the game in their own favor. One of them is the Danish quartet ALKYMIST, as is shown on their second album, “Sanctuary”.

The greater difference of their work is that they use a handful of rhythmic changes and some elements from Progressive Rock and traditional Heavy Metal to improve things. And their melodies temper and shape their musical work, creating an accessible touch to be better assimilated by a great public. Obviously, it sounds blunt and oppressive due its aggressive and greasy slow tempos, but their musical expression is not limited. Lasse Ballade worked on the recordings and mixing, creating something that is still dirty and noisy as Sludge fans love, but not in a way that can’t be understood by the listeners. It's filthy and crude, but in a way that can be understood without demanding great efforts from the listeners.

The furious and nasty “Oethon” (very ‘sabbathic’ guitar riffs that creates a somber ambiance contrasting with clean moments), the massive aggression of “The Dead” (tempered with good hooking melodies and good grunts), the deeper and melancholically nasty “Desolated Sky” (the contrasts between clean parts with abrasive moments shows a powerful presence of bass guitar and drums) and “Astral Haze” (this one is permeated with excellent guitar riffs and some clean voices) are the best ones.

ALKYMIST shows with “Sanctuary” that they’re not a band of mere followers, but that want to do things on their own. Just a bit more maturing, and maybe no one will hold them back!

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Oethon
2. The Dead
3. S.O.Y.
4. Draugr
5. Gust of War
6. Desolated Sky
7. Astral Haze
8. Warkeeper
Peter Bjørneg - Vocals
Stefan Krey - Guitars
Kaspar Luke - Bass
Philip Morthorst - Drums
Record Label: Indisciplinarian


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