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All Hail the Yeti – Within The Hollow Earth

All Hail the Yeti
Within The Hollow Earth
by Ben Gardiner at 19 January 2022, 7:26 AM

"Within the Hollow Earth" follows on from ALL HAIL THE YETI’s three studio albums, pumping even more sludgy, stoner riff loaded grunginess into the soundwaves. Mysticism, folklore and fantasy themes run riff through the dense and intense EP, and despite the otherworldly subject matter, the music stays grounded in the roots of Classic Rock, Doom and Sludge metal.

Starting with a bang, nothing is held back in opener “Bury Your Memory,” a groovy shroud of darkness and suffocating sludge showcasing the mighty vocals of singer Conner Garitty. The production is naturalistic whilst still adding to the powerful atmosphere. Some classic sounding guitar hooks and building drums create the first notes of the track before the sound is striped back revealing the swirling blackness beneath the upbeat riffs. The drums return as a thunderous monster whilst the guitars chug away in a low tone. Highlight of the track is the broken-up sections of chugging riffs and bursting double bass drums, adding a higher level of heaviness unseen till this point.

Nidavellir,” channels some Power Metal vibes through the thick smog of the dense guitars and drums. Opening with a surprisingly upbeat melody and a pushing intensity from the driving drums and lower guitar tones. The chorus opens up the sound massively, washy cymbal crashes in halftime. The vocals demonstrate a lot of range, leaning into the aggressive shouts as well as delivering on higher pitched, commanding singing, uplifting lyrics like, “These wounds will heal/ and I will overcome” come through in a frantic aggressive, hardcore style vocal style, which creates a nice contrast in the vocal range. As the track nears its end the drums push the pace up and the guitars echo that energy for a nice chaotic ending.

Cry of the Waheela” has a fantastic opening of intermittent beats fit to a metronome of a Ride bell, whilst the guitar layers a muted rhythm under bursts of riffing. It’s a patient build up to a chugging steam train of double bass, running guitar riffs and a coarse vocal line. The shift in tone from guitars to a higher pitched melody is a really nice moment. we get a nice blast of drums and the guitars stretch out on the higher pitched tones giving each instrument their moment in the spotlight.

"Within the Hollow Earth" is an all-round solid release from ALL HAIL THE YETI, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel of its respective genre, but it makes that wheel roll smoothly to its destination. It channels lots of fantastical themes and ideas in the wonderfully written lyrics, which is held afloat by a solid instrumentation of heavy rocking sections and a great quality of production.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Bury Your Memory
2. Headless Valley
3. Funeral Heart
4. Nidavellir
5. Cold Dead Leaves
6. Cry of the Waheela
7. The Great Dying
Connor Garritty – Vocals
Dave Vanderlinde – Guitars
Nicholas Diltz – Bass/Vocals
Ryan "Junior" Kittlitz – Drums
Record Label: Minus Head Records


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Edited 31 January 2023

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