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All Hell - The Devil's Work

All Hell
The Devil's Work
by Isha Shah at 28 November 2014, 9:31 PM

Blasting their music from North Carolina, ALL HELL, the three piece thrashing punk band have boomed yet another album, “The Devil’s Work”. Formed in 2013, the band has re-released this new record with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions just in time for Halloween.

As you may have heard, the Punk scene is dying. However this turns out to be incorrect, as fresher underground punk bands have been busy releasing music every day, and ALL HELL happen to be one of them. In this vast world of genres constantly being developed and old favorites left in the corner, Punk is one of them which has been left aside, which shouldn’t even be a thought. Old school punk style is what ALL HELL is about.

Fuelled off this ambition, opening track “Suffer From Me” attacks you bitterly, right from the very start with its fast strumming guitar pace, joined by front man Jacob Curwen who spits at you with every word. This track brings all spirits up with its true Punk roots with it’s repetitive lyrics of “Suffer For Me”. Each track is short in length, but somehow captures everything it needs, with each note filled with rocky riffs that are playful bashing against each other to make a whirling sound.

ALL HELL may be new to the scene, however “The Devil’s Work” is far from new sounding, as the band are proving that they have the knowledge to produce a dated punk album. Despite the short jumpy moment from one track to the next, the whole album flies by before you have time to restart it, which keeps your attention and focus well.

“Beaker” starts off with the similar fast tempted pace which is bashed throughout the song, pumping full adrenaline through your veins for the short length of the track before a heavier metal sounding song follows, “Dead Of Night”.

Lettering onto the final few songs, “Devilwolf” pulls a sing-along chorus, which is hated with gangs of vocals that match their true themes, finish the album off perfectly.

3 Star Rating

1. Suffer for Me
2. A Grisly End
3. From Far Beyond
4. Firewalker
5. Breaker
6. Dead of Night
7. Doctor Plague
8. The Reaper's Touch
9. Child of God
10. Samhain Wind
11. The Howling Hell
12. Devilwolf
Jacob Curwen - Vocals, Guitar
Kurt Henderson - Drums
Erik Ballantyne - Bass
Record Label: Horror Pain Death Gore Productions


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