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All Seeing Eyes - Trinity Road Award winner

All Seeing Eyes
Trinity Road
by Saxon Davids at 16 December 2014, 10:17 PM

ALL SEEING EYES was put together by Ben Colton (NEVERWORLD) along with his two friends Kenny Fraser and James Thackway, and have just released their huge debut double-disc album “Trinity Road”. Full of powerful choruses, bone chilling vocals, heart-warming melodies and intelligent musical arrangements, not to mention numerous guest appearances, makes this a stand out as a progressive masterpiece in the metal society of this generation.

Production wise, everything going on throughout, cuts through the mix perfectly and each instrument compliments each other very well. The electric guitar tone is perfect, especially all the lead work, the acoustic guitar has a very live and crisp sound to it, which is always great. The keyboard/piano work seems to be mixed very well to fit in just right and really boost the atmosphere, and if I wouldn’t have known before-hand about the programmed drums, I wouldn’t be able to tell in most places that it was a drum machine and not a human being! So kudos to the guys on all of that; it sounds amazing!

Musically, this album fits every piece of criteria I look for in a great album; A decent sense of song structuring and diversity within the album (for a 2 disc affair just shy of 2 hours, its important to keep things fresh and moving smoothly, which I feel this band achieves with excellence). It has loads of very well written solos, reminiscent of the work of guitarists like John Petrucci, KK Downing and Jeff Waters, amazing vocal work from Ben Colton, who at times reminds me of former ICED EARTH singer Matt Barlow. This music has a hell of a lot to offer, from the power metal tracks like “The Enlightened Ones”, “Hunted” and “Secrets Beneath the Surface”… Emotional ballads like “Heart of the Storm” and “Just a Memory”… and musically intriguing progressive songs like “The Cube” (Featuring Ben Jackson of CRIMSON GLORY), “War of the World”, “The Key” and of course, the title track “Trinity Road”, and lengthy epics like “The Rings of Kronos” and “Demons”, this album has to offer so much in its 108 minute time frame, and does not fall short of any musical genius from any of the band members; a true masterpiece in progressive metal today, and I highly suggestive you pick yourself up a copy!

4 Star Rating

1. The Enlightened Ones
2. Trinity Road
3. Haunted
4. Wildfire (The Tribe)
5. Just a Memory
6. The Cube
7. Master Minds
8. Secrets Beneath the Surface
9. Demos
10. Break The Chains
11. Follow The Leader
12. Hunted
13. The Key
14. Heart of the Storm
15. Medicine Man
16. The Rings of Kronos
17. War of the World
18. The Aftermath
Ben Colton - Lead/Backing Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Kenny Fraser - Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drum Programming
James Thackway - Keyboards
Record Label: No World Order Records


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