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All Out War - Into The Killing Fields Award winner

All Out War
Into The Killing Fields
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 September 2010, 8:09 PM

When you are being flooded with Black, Death and Thrash Metal releases, well, there is always time for a really pleasant break with some classic Hardcore music. My beloved Victory Records and the New York Hardcore titans ALL OUT WAR offered me such a chance and I would be stupid not to grab it.

First of all let me say that if you are not a fan of this “metallic” Hardcore scene and don’t like your moshpits violent then you should stop reading this review. The rest of you, proceed. ALL OUT WAR has been kicking ass since 1991, which means this band carries almost two decades of music on its back (with a long break from their 1993 album “For Those Who Were Crucified” until their 2003 “Condemned To Suffer”). ALL OUT WAR’s music is as mentioned above a full dose of Hardcore with some Metal elements (think of HATEBREED, TERROR etc). Fast paced Punk outbreaks combined with violent beatdown parts and a vocalist that screams like a beast (Mike Score sounds more brutal than ever here) are all the elements the New Yorkers needs to cook and serve you this uncompromising dish entitled “Into The Killing Fields”.

This was one of those bands that introduced the Metal sound into the Hardcore scene with brutal riffing and intense vocals and they still seem able to do it with ease. If you are into bands like CRO-MAGS and MERAUDER or really liked the latest album from EARTH CRISIS, then you should surely start thinking about checking these guys out. Keep it real mates!

4 Star Rating

  1. Defiance Through Fear
  2. Mercy Killer
  3. Apathetic Genocide
  4. Fear Those Who Claim Divinity
  5. From Manipulation To Martyr
  6. Into The Killing Fields
  7. An Angel Among Demons
  8. The Murderers Among Us
  9. Still Crucified
Mike Score - Vocals
Eric Carrillo - Bass
Jim Bremer - Guitar
Brad Mader - Guitar
Lou Medina - Drums
Record Label: Victory Records


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