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Allegaeon - Elements Of The Infinite Award winner

Elements Of The Infinite
by Emily Coulter at 07 July 2014, 2:16 PM

No words can explain how mind blowing this album is, ALLEGAEON's ''Elements Of The Infinite'' is a melodic death metal hit which everyone can enjoy with it's overflowing amounts of catchy riffs and blast beats. The album is filled with ten tracks which are all unique in their own way and are unforgettable so you must listen to them on repeat, the members of ALLEGAEON are certainly talented in a way that can't be copied, this is one of the best albums of 2014.

The album opens up with ''Threshold Of Perception'' which has a gentle classical acoustic opening before showing you the heaviness that the band is capable of, within the first minute of the song becoming heavy you know what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

Greg Burgess and Mike Stancel are pulling out all their effort with impressive riffs and solo's whilst Brandon Park performs some fast drum fills constantly without missing a single beat and Ezra Haynes growling vocals are something to be envied at. The track is 2nd longest of the album and is a great way to open ''Elements Of The Infinite''

Opening up a song with intense drumming is one way to catch a fans attention and that's what the band does with ''Tyrants Of Terrestrial Exodus'' which is sheer brutality with its melodic death metal tones and rough vocals. A heavy DECAPITATED vibe is present with a little bit of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER mixed into it, you can hear this with the guitar riffs and solos mostly but the drums have a pretty unique death metal style making ''Tyrants Of Terrestrial Exodus'' extremely heavy towards the end of the song. How ALLEGAEON manage to put so much brutality into 4.18 minutes is utterly remarkable.

''Dyson Sphere'' has more of a technical edge to it with the vocals also becoming more aggressive through out the song, it is one of the most catchiest tracks of ''Elements Of The Infinite'' making it one of the best to listen to if you're trying to get into the band. Ezra Haynes vocals show a lot more range during ''Dyson Sphere'' but what really captures your attention is the amazing talents of guitarists Greg Burgess and Mike Stancel who perform some of the best riffs and solo's during this song that have came out in a very long time, you could say that this band have the power to change the face of the melodic death metal genre, simply mind-blowing.

If you wasn't told that ''The Phylogenesis Stretch'' was a song by ALLEGAEON then you could of mistook it for a FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE track with how fast the drumming is from Brandon Park, it seems with each track on the album each member gets to showcase their individual talents, bassist Corey Archuleta  has some pretty funky tones mixed in there too.
Despicably heavy despite the gentle opening which reminisces the introduction the album, less solos but even heavier riffs are exactly what was needed after the solo filled previous song. ''The Phylogenesis Stretch'' is not for the faint hearted but for those who love amazing melodic death metal with originality.

''1.618'' has become a fan favourite between the Hardcore ALLEGAEON fans and you can certainly see why with its super-fast guitars, catchy vocals with enticing lyrics and drum fills to make you head bang as fast as you can, this is easily one of the best tracks from the album. It's hard to say what stands out most from ''1.618'' because it changes so much throughout as it can go from mesmerising Melo Death to Deathcore influences in seconds and then switch right back, this band are inventive and are constantly pulling out new surprises on this album, it's the most valid reason how it has done so well.

Getting even heavier as the album goes on is what ALLEGAEON is best at doing, this ridiculously heavy track ''Gravimetric Time Dialation'' is full of Djent style influences and old school style death metal creating something truly dynamic. ''Gravimetric Time Dialation'' is everything the band can do rolled into one, despite this not being the bands best track it is in one of the top 3 for sure with it's style appealing to everyone who listens to it. There is not much you can say about this track apart from it exposing what 5 super talented metal men can do in a studio together.

''Our Cosmic Casket'' is easily the best track of the album and has an even more impressive music video to it, the introduction sounds like MAYHEM's ''Freezing Moon'' made more death metal but it sounds different to everyone but this is before it jumps into technical death metal mania with the most brutal vocals you will find on the album. Brandon Park is extremely fast on the drums and is certainly at his peak on the track with constantly flowing fills and blast beats to join the riffs from both guitarists, Ezra's vocals get lower and lower through every verse with highs coming through ever so often, this is what makes ALLEGAEON so great.
''Our Cosmic Casket'' is perfection to the ears and will get your foot tapping almost instantly.

8 tracks in and the band have proved no faults in their album, ''Biomech II'' is their weakest track but it doesn't pull the album out of it's high rating as most fans adore this track due to it's individuality when compared to other songs previous to it.

If you love THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER then you're going to love this track a lot with it's much higher and gravel throated vocals by Ezra which feel hardcore influenced but as soon as the impressive solo at 2.34 kicks in that vibe goes completley and you are won over by the sheer talent put into the solo, it would be surprising if anyone could actually cover it due to being so amazing. Mike and Greg could easily be the frontiers of Death Metal guitars.

''Through Ages Of Ice – Otzi's Curse'' probably has the most exciting introduction in existence, if you don't want to learn how to play the drums after hearing it then you should probably replay it due to how Brandon Park dominates his drum set.  ALLEGAEON have perfected this track to its entirety even though it is a highly technical instrumental till 2.21 when Ezra brings in his croaky growls which mix perfectly with the whirring guitar solos bought throughout the track, this song is utterly mind blowing and it's so hard to describe how amazing it is due to the amount of talent put into creating it.
Just listen to it.

The longest track of the album standing at nearly 13 minutes is ''Genocide For Praise – Vals for The Vitruvian Man'' and it ends with brutal melodic death metal with hints of power metal inserted within it, showing further the talents of the writers in the band. All of the song feels like one huge tribute to ''Elements Of The Infinite'' as it includes a little piece of inspiration from every song featured with its infinite drum fills, ever longing solos and roaring vocals from every second going. This isn't ALLEGAEON's best track of the album as there are plenty of others which are a huge lot better than this but it is the perfect way to end the album they created with a lot of passion.

Overall this is a truly outstanding album and could easily be in the top 10 albums of 2014 with the likes of BEHEMOTH's ''The Satanist'' coming behind this, ''Elements Of The Infinite'' is mind-blowingly amazing and nothing of this calibre has come out in a very long time.

5 Star Rating

1. Threshold Of Perception
2. Tyrants Of Terrestrial Exodus
3. Dyson Sphere
4. The Phylogenesis Stretch
5. 1.618
6. Gravimetric Time Dialation
7. Our Cosmic Casket
8. Biomech II
9. Through Ages Of Ice – Otzi's Curse
10. Genocide For Praise – Vals for The Vitruvian Man
Ezra Haynes  - Vocals
Greg Burgess – Guitars
Mike Stancel – Guitars
Corey Archuleta – Bass
Brandon Park – Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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