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Alloy Czar - Awaken The Metal King (Reissue)

Alloy Czar
Awaken The Metal King (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 June 2013, 9:14 AM

The struggle to fulfil the dreams of the past with a longing for nothing but blazing success, everything is worth it. In for the game for establishing a positing within the top ranks of the early dated Heavy Metal Empire of the 80s. Back in the early days, kind of like today, young Metal bands trying to have their way in their local scenes in order to be the next best thing out there touring, selling albums and plenty of merchandise. On the other hand, the large sum of groups pursuing their life’s wishes with conviction ending up dissolved and astray. ALLOY CZAR, originated in Denver, Colorado, USA, was one of those groups that wanted more but ended up being a short lived phenomenon with a few highlight twists. With only a demo and a few unreleased songs, ALLOY CZAR ended their battle against time and competition. Yet, Arkeyn Steel Records kept their memory intact, almost thirty years after their last known demo, with the release of a compilation, named “Awaken The Metal King”, consisting the entire stack of songs the band ever had, most were never heard before, maybe live if you had the chance to catch them back in the day. I would say that it is a sweet memory worth recalling from time to time, as most of the material coming out of the 80s.

Basically, ALLOY CZAR produced what nearly every Metal band, whether in the US or Europe, composed and played. Back in the early 80s, it was the heyday of NWOBHM following a few of the crusts of the late 70s. Metal music was already recognized as a genre to be reckoned with. “Awaken The Metal King” made me wonder in the fields of early PRAYING MANTIS, DEF LEPPARD, BOSTON, DEEP PURPLE and slight resemblances to the early incarnation of JAG PANZER but with Brian Ross like vocalist (SATAN / BLITZKRIEG). This is traditional Heavy Metal with a few slicing grits of Hard Rock, pretty catchy stuff, easy listening with classy, tape oriented, sound engineering. Generally, the keyboards sounded like an extra crunch, very decent like on “I’m Not Ready”. The acoustic spots also took my attention; “Never To Be Found”, one of the album’s archetypal spinners, swung me back to the gems of the early British saccharine sound but soon later burst into a heavy flyer garnered by a full load of chorused guitars. However, since it is a compilation, not everything is of the same demo, and ALLOY CZAR toughened up a bit, abandoning the keyboards behind and checking in with traditional Metal madness. The sharp belligerent “Black Monday” and “Slayer” demonstrate a few of the better tryouts to root out the best of early Metal music, cracking riffing, superfluous, still ingrained in Rock, soloing, tight rhythm section with a few NWOBHM dubs.

I probably stated it once, but I will do the same again. It hurts me to listen to such “a could have been a promise” time and time again. However, life can be unexpected and in one second everything can fade away as it never happened in the first place. ALLOY CZAR might only be a memory, which was almost lost, but here they are again, black and white but who cares, it might not be modern or bombastic, but none should care. Smoke this classic.        

4 Star Rating

1. Taking the Lead
2. I’m Not Ready
3. Stalker
4. New Love
5. Never to Be Found
6. Black Monday
7. Slayer
8. On the Run
Charlie McCormick – Guitar
Scott Wilson – Bass
John Beaird – Drums / Vocals
Bob Parduba – Vocals / Guitar
Billy Mitchell – Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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