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Alltheniko - Fast And Glorious Award winner

Fast And Glorious
by Lauryn Plummer at 14 December 2014, 10:18 PM

Formed in 2002, Italians ALLTHENIKO are at again with their fifth album “Fast and Glorious”. Their influences consist of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, and let me just say you can definitely hear that throughout the whole of the album. Kicking off the nine track pile is “Tank of Death”, the title alone sounds Metal enough. There’s a weird pause at the start and you really wonder what is going on, but then everything kicks in and the high pitched vocals literally comes from nowhere; it shocks you a little. At the start, I really thought it didn’t suit the type of song, but after hearing it a bit more, it works well and there’s no denying it. Speed Metal. This exactly what ALLTHENIKO bring to the table in this album, it’s the kind of album you have to headbang to even if you don’t want to.

The solo’s you hear in this album are incredible, they range from being fast to melodic and fitting in perfectly with the track it’s on. There are guitar solos in every track but there are ones that stand out in certain tracks, like “KaiserSteel”, “Scream For Exciter”, “Power To Rebel” they are the ones that add the Metal vibe to a song, once you hear it you’ll know.

As well as the excellent solo’s, you do have the certain songs that get stuck in your mind because of the type of structure they have. “Holy War, Holy Fighters” is different to the majority of the album; normally you have a wave of Metal as soon as you hear a track. But with this one it’s a quieter start before you hit the Speed Metal train. And then you have the final track, “The Arenas Gods”; again it’s a softer start compared to the rest of the album. But the best part about this song is the fact that the guitar solo isn’t as prominent as all of the other ones, it’s underneath the drums, and vocals, you kind of have to listen closely to hear it, but it still holds its greatness. Despite the slow start ALLTHENIKO still bring the Speed Metal, that’s never taken away. It’ll be interesting to see what they have in store next.

4 Star Rating

1. Tank of Death
2. Fast And Glorious
3. KaiserSteel
4. Holy War, Holy Fighters
5. Scream For Exciter
6. Spirit Of War
7. Power To Rebel
8. Echoes of the Lost
9. The Arenas Gods
David Nightflight - Vocals, Bass
Joe Boneshaker - Guitars
Luke The Idol - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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