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Alltheniko - Devasterpiece (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 24 November 2008, 2:31 PM

This is a mix of the 'blade riff' side of classic Heavy Metal (e.g. JUDAS PRIEST or ACCEPT) and the on-the-edge Power/Thrash Metal sharpness (mainly early-to-mid RAGE but also enough of the mid-European side of Power Metal 20 years ago). ALLTHENIKO hails from Italy and is a trio you may find enough interest in, provided you do dig dozens of riffs in one song and technical (yet, not Prog) Metal to make your day.
The trademarks of ALLTHENIKO are: i) razor-sharp riffs enriched with endless licks/fills in pure metallic form, ii) clean drums/bass, but not lame or polished (after all the compressed productions we listen to the last years, this is something like a blessing), iii) vocals in the vein of Peavey (RAGE) in his early years, unveiling controlled hatred and - to an extend - 'old-school' Metal symptoms, iv) g-r-e-a-t solos, 100% 'Metal' and so genuine that you'll wonder what the hell are you listening to all these years from wanna-be-Metal bands.
Some random tracks presentation: Erased is a fuckin' speed metallic anthem with tons of double bass drumming and some weird dual vocal manifestations here and there (and a melodic refrain, not to forget). Thunder And Steel is up-tempo, it bears a German 'mystique' air and the vocals are melodic but screaming. Metal Unchained is as Euro Power of the 80s as it can get (I recalled SCANNER, early RAGE again, ANGEL DUST and CROWS) in its demonic speed. RUNNING WILD shall you come across in Feel The Power, dressed in rapid velocity and featuring an immense German-isque solo. What else? The CD is really great, and - to be more precise - it does not 'look' only to the European continent but - mainly tempo or guitars wise - can relate to skilled works of e.g. ANNIHILATOR or more 'obscure' acts like REALM.
ALLTHENIKO had already released three demo recordings prior to their We Will Fight! official debut CD. I was told by an Italian friend of mine that this band/album had a great potential, featuring shredding riffs, sharp leads, great drumming/bass lines and a 'scientific' approach in the songwriting, applicable to both 'classic' metallers and Thrash Metal maniacs. From what I listen to in Devasterpiece, truth is confirmed. While waiting for your next German/American technical Speed Metal CD release, take the chance and say hello to Italy and ALLTHENIKO for some methodical headbanging.

P.S.: Devasterpiece is an instrumental semi-acoustic intermezzo; fans of Noise Records' 80s releases will wear a big smile to the hearing of.

4 Star Rating

The Evil Forces
Thunder And Steel
Law Of The Stronger
Metal Unchained
Rise And Fall
I'm A Fuckin' Zombie
Feel The Power
When This Demon's Coming
The Godfather
Dave Nightfight - Lead Vocals, Bass
Joe Boneshaker - Guitars
Luke The Idol - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Record Label: My Graveyard Productions


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