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Almøst Human - Almøst Human Award winner

Almøst Human
Almøst Human
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 02 October 2014, 9:17 PM

As part of METAL TEMPLE magazine campaign devoted for aiding the promotion of newcomer/unsigned bands, we bring you ALMØST HUMAN.

Hailing from Switzerland, founded and forged in 2010, releasing their new EP, first EP, ALMØST HUMAN deals with humanity cruelty and the shit we are having, basically we are dealing with a four track EP living aside track number two that has no music significant however the EP.

ALMØST HUMAN’s genre cant be explained, it's a fusion that mix many genres of metal and like many times I wrote it's not easy for bands like that, trying to create a new sound from many sounds and it's very hard for them to stand out even tough it should be all the way around.

I will start from the end, the production quality is very good, not expected from a self release however it's there, the music, it's like or hate kind of sound, I liked it, great riffs and good use of BENJAMIN PLÜSS vocals with mellow singing and screaming when needed.

Overall solid EP from a band that I'm sure will become a force to be recon, just need to find the fans community for their music style, that btw if I didn't mention has lost of electro elements, so don't be afraid, take the plunge.

4 Star Rating

1. Living Wreck
2. Morning Star
3. Obey, Consume Or Disappear
4. Normosis
5. Each Of Us
Benjamin Pluss - Vocals
Olivier Perdrizat - Guitar
Rosario Fullone - Drums
Chris Matthe - Guitar
Jan Peyer - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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