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Almah - E.V.O.

by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 19 December 2016, 6:47 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: ALMAH; signed via Test Your Metal Records, hailing from Brazil – performing Melodic Power Metal, and on their 5th album entitled: “E.V.O.” (Japanese Version).

Since formation in 2006, the quintet in question, have 4 albums behind them; I'm acquainted with their 5th: “E.V.O.” (released on September 23rd, 2016). As a Power Metal fanatic, I relish a chance to discover that unprecedented discovery, and here we have just that. ALMAH embody the might of Power Metal into a harmonic enticement of atmospheric proportions…delivering very upbeat melodies in the transition, which feels very cheery and joyous. It would be hard not to feel positive about yourself after listening to this; the execution is glorious in the quartet's own entity. While instrumentally fierce and pummeling; vocally AND musically, a little cheesy, but who doesn't like cheese?! The band executes a simplistic exploit in the sub-genre of choice, yet that doesn't deviate from the enriched harmonic nature of entertaining fulfillment. Is this good for Metal extremists, however? Yes, and no…depending.

Consisting of Edu Falaschi (ex-ANGRA vocalist) on vocals, who has an interesting choice of cords; riding high on epic momentum the guy showcases a complex incentive of…not exactly Eric Adams form of crushing Power Metal vocals, yet a more upbeat, albeit pop, choice of clean vocals…it sounds safe and performs well with the atmospheric melodies in the Power Metal structure. The equally complex musicianship with Marcelo Barbosa on guitars, executes a similar role with exquisite rhythmic dexterity; similarly found with the second guitarist - Diogo Mafra. Efficiently performing with a unique formula, sounding unabashedly upbeat, this is not evident with the powerhouse of Pedro Tinello on drums and Raphael Dafras on bass, however. Performing with deafening intentions to unleash an infectiously catchy and intellectually challenging production. 11 tracks in the Japanese version, ranging at around 51:20…

Age Of Aquarius” starts off and one will immediately notice those very clean, yet positive vocals, while not terrible, the musicianship distinguishes your hunger for that extreme performance that you might be here for…but not really. “Speranza” is another track that foils the aforementioned with pretty chorus' that may feel a bit too cheesy for some to bear witness… “The Brotherhood” is similar, but incredibly catchy, in its efforts as a Power Metal ballad. The band showcases that Metal doesn't always have to be aggressive; with songs like “Innocence”, “Higher” & “Infatuated” evidently showcasing a prominent aesthetic to the formula, I must say that it's a nice change of pace to some of the immensely belligerent bands that I'm already used to. “Pleased To Meet You”, “Final Warning” & “Indigo” demonstrates more coherent instrumentation that feels proficiently stunning and solid, definitely not raw though.

Don't let the positive nature of this band put you off; it's good to listen to something so enlightening every now and then. “Corporate War” & “Captial Punishment” end “E.V.O.” with elegant results; it might not be your typical SLAYER record, yet it's something different and more for you to chew on. Why not open your mind to ALMAH and discover an enjoyable slab of Metal? It grew on me after a few listens - it should with you too.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Age Of Aquarius
2. Speranza
3. The Brotherhood
4. Innocence
5. Higher
6. Infatuated
7. Pleased To Meet You
8. Final Warning
9. Indigo
10. Corporate War
11. Capital Punishment
Edu Falaschi - Vocals
Marcelo Barbosa - Guitars
Raphael Dafras - Bass
Pedro Tinello - Drums
Diogo Mafra - Guitars
Record Label: Test Your Metal Records


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