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Almanac - Rush of Death

Rush of Death
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 30 March 2020, 4:25 AM

ALMANAC is a German based Power Metal Band. They are also known as VICTOR SMOLSKI’s ALMANAC. The band was formed back in 2015 when Victor Smolski left the underappreciated and highly underrated RAGE. It is also the continuation of his other side project called LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA so he brought on board the highly talented Jeannette Marchewka into the fold.

You also have some highly talented artists from great bands like AT VANCE, GAMMA RAY and MASTERPLAN. This is truly a Power Metal Supergroup and something you can really feast your eyes on and sink your teeth in. This is the third album in only 4 years so they are highly prolific to say the least. I really don’t know the circumstances behind Victor Smolski’s departure from RAGE but he did a fine job founding another band like ALMANAC. This is truly the continuation of his great work he did with them and he definitely pulls no punches.

You know what, Power Metal is supposed to be absolute fun, it’s Melodic as hell and has some catchy choruses. It’s the type of music that is supposed to make you happy and brings forth this pure energy. You have energy and fun in spades on this album and during these times we are living through right now, well you absolutely need that type of music to motivate, to make you feel good about yourself. I think Power Metal unites a lot of fans and makes for some great live shows (which we are in dire need of right now honestly).
I know the genre might be oversaturated in a sense but ALMANAC does a fine job blending Power Metal with traditional Heavy Metal bands like JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT. I think they could be the next PRIMAL FEAR, mixing both genres effortlessly and making some utterly great albums along the way.

I like the fact that you have three different vocalists, it adds so much substance and depth to these songs. They did a fine job mixing the three vocalists because some bands tried and failed miserably like THE THREE TREMORS. When you have three different vocalists, you have to give them to time and space to shine and not sing over each other trying to top the others.

This is a highly energetic album and just a great overall Power Metal band. I was blessed back in this mid-nineties and early 2000’s of discovering the genesis of the genre and this is a throwback to these days. In this day and age, you need a band like this to lift your spirits and this Power Metal band is absolutely what I needed. They pack a punch and there is nothing like it in the genre and they are head and shoulders above anyone else right now.

If you Traditional Power Metal bands, this band is right down your alley that’s for sure. You can see how much fun they did the album when you check out their YouTube page and that’s a sight to be seen. When you have fun doing something, it does not feel like a job, it feels like you do it for the passion inside you. They truly embody this to the fullest!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Predator
2. Rush of Death
3. Let the Show Begin
4. Soiled Existence
5. Bought and Sold
6. The Human Essence
7. Satisfied
8. Blink of an Eye
9. Can’t Hold Me Back
10. Like a Machine
Victor Smolski – Guitars and Keyboards
Jeannette Marchewka – Vocals
Kevin Kott  – Drums
Patrick Suhl – Vocals
Frank Beck – Vocals
Tim Rashid – Bass
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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