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AlogiA - Elegia Balcanica

Elegia Balcanica
by Lauryn Plummer at 19 December 2014, 3:48 PM

Being around since 2000 probably means that you are bound to go through change, whether it’s the line-up or the musical direction. I have no idea how to describe the album.  One word that comes from hearing the album is different, because it’s definitely that. As soon as you hear it, there’s an electric feel to it but you still hear guitar riffs like you would from any Metal band. If you listen to it longer there are similarities to VAN HALEN’S “Jump”. The first track “Almagest” is just an instrumental start. The vocals don’t kick in till the second track “Callis Ad Astra”; to be quite honest, I didn’t even notice the change from the first track to the second, they’re literally merged into each other.

Upon hearing vocalist Mike for the first time, when put together with the rest of the instruments, they really sound like Serbian version of MUSE, as they have been branded the best Serbian Metal band. I really think that they fulfilled this title, although listening to the tracks at first, you start getting into it after a while, and then you see that the way that they’ve put the album together really does work. As their fourth studio album, you can’t expect ALOGIA to be the same forever. Even if sounding futuristic at first, as a band the guys do not fail to still add Metal elements into the tracks. Examples of this include “Galija”, “Vreme Je”, Elegio Balcancia”,” Lilith (Ona Zna), “Inferno” and “U Tisini”. Despite either their slow starts or futuristic vibes no matter what you’ll always hear the Metal beneath everything.

Ending the album is “Intentionally Blind” and trust me, this one really does shock you. From hearng all of the other tracks, compared to this it’s something much more different. By this I mean this is litereally your metal track. Mike’s vocals has totally changed from a higher pitch to a much lower one to match the tone of the song. I mean there are still some furturistic chords underneaths, but the Metal in this one ou edtshines it, riffs,solo’s and all.

4 Star Rating

1. Almagest
2. Callis Ad Astra
3. Galija
4. Vreme Je
5. Elegia Balcancia
6. Lilith (Ona Zna)
7. Inferno
8. U Tisini
9. Intentionally Blind
Nikola Mijic - Vocals
Srdjan Brankovic - Guitars
Miroslav Brankovic - Guitars
Vladimir Ranisavljevic - Bass
Srdjan Golubica - Drums
Record Label: Miner Records


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