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Alpha Ascension - Hydra Omnaris Award winner

Alpha Ascension
Hydra Omnaris
by Michael Coyle at 08 September 2014, 7:16 PM

Hailing from Twin Falls Idaho comes a new wave of technical Death Metal Brilliance.


Let’s begin with the first track “From Green To Amber”. many songs start with a clever and sometimes complicated intro when it comes to the technical death metal scene, now you would think the same from these guys but instead we are sent flying as they deliver the finishing blow before its even begun, I found this song energetic and ready to show what it could do in every sense of the word.

Aggressive, fast and ready to knock you down is the only way I am able to describe this incredible piece of virtuosic empowered master class, defiantly one of the most skilled songs I have heard in a long time, in a lot of ways you could say that John Doherty embodies the spirit of a modern day Vogg.

To what is already looking to be a modern technical masterpiece it keeps on getting better with the second track “Split Second Infinity”, as I have continued on with this album I keep hearing a strong Decapitated influence running through both the guitars and the bass, in a sense of saying it sounds as if these guys have taken what they have grown up with and matured it to their way of playing, it really is incredible to listen to and I’m finding every moment of this track to be as aggressive as the last.

To conclude, I find that through listening to this album we have genuinely found a gem among stones, a strong, powerful, and standalone record that keeps to its title of Technical Death Metal as well as providing different areas of sound and extremity. If you’re a fan of heavy skilled riffs, and fast passed bass lines then give this album a listen you won’t be disappointed with what you hear.

5 Star Rating

1. From Green To Amber
2. Split Second Infinity
3. Enslaved To The Dollar
4. Aethereus Matrix
5. Bestriding a Dead World
6. Drawn And Quartered
7. Hydra Omnaris
8. One Legged Beer Relay Ocean Run
9. Psalm of Annihilation
10. Deny Them Their Victory
John Doherty - Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Aaron Ajeti - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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