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Altair - Lost Eden

Lost Eden
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 September 2013, 10:57 PM

The foundation of an own Eden, a place where one can find comfort and pleasures beyond imagination, a special spot where everything desired can be achieved, sound like a burning wish by any individual, but who said that dreaming is forbidden? So maybe I should stop, as Eden is all but lost, at least for now. The Euro 90’s ardent Power Metal band ALTAIR, out of the Italian borderlands, might have found their own parchment of Eden by sipping the waters of their scene’s past along with their neighbours early grandeur. Flying over the sun, crossing rainbows and slicing the skies, ALTAIR unshackle their debut album, “Lost Eden”, via Power Prog, where their vision of two decades old Power Metal is displayed with a measure of finesse, divulging past sensations as LABYRINTH, RHAPSODY, STRATOVARIUS, ANGRA and HELLOWEEN, of course that this entire distinctive bunch might be the formative basis of the band’s crust, yet their deeper essence relies on the melodic and productive superiority of IRON MAIDEN.

Maybe it is just an inner feeling on my part, but within the imagery of ALTAIR, to be accurate their songwriting and lyrical sense, not all of it but a substantial amplitude, there is that innocence, a little nativity. I believe that within every fantasy written, there is always a hidden message about current state of events or possibly the future to come, but here I just couldn’t escape it, not a childish idealism, but as if the composers chose to live within their own bubble. Checking in solitude, forming an own little world isn’t a foul matter of course, but for some reason, it had to be said. As for the band’s musical perspective, I felt their devotion for preserving Euro Power Metal as it strongly emerged throughout the midway point of the 90’s. It is like reliving a semblance, like when I first listened to LABYRINTH’s “Return To Heaven Denied” for the first time when I was a teenager. “Lost Eden” is an energetic wildfire, sometimes with the knack to go a little Prog on your with decent efforts, double bass drum frenzied all around, attributing a selection of enchanting melodies taking its hold with shred with neo-classical driven soloing, partially diverse riffing and a high register voice, AOR oriented as the first thing that struck me, as a solid frontend. On the other hand, along with ALTAIR’s songwriting teething hard at being catchy and easy to comprehend, this directive couldn’t compensate on the fact it didn’t came to pierce the skin at every turn.

“Power Of The Gods”, which features Fabio Lione (VISION DIVINE, HOLLOW HAZE, ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE) as guest vocals, and “Redemption” appeared to be ALTAIR’s foremost Power Metal precision at its best. “Power Of The Gods” actually had me a little surprised as ALTAIR were pictured as a traditional Power Metal act, especially with being Italian that like to speed things up, yet this treat made me spellbound of the impressive MAIDENish flavor and showed me once again that melodic Metal, other than not being oh so super heavy, bears its own mystical magic. I enjoyed Simone Mala’s vocal range, yet I couldn’t deny my notion of Lione’s vocal mastery. “Redemption” converging with mid tempo with silky smooth keyboards, not what I would call an epic, though it had a feeling of it, but a rather developed track far from being basic. In a way, Mala aided this number to become something of an anthem, his dramatic spirit was really uplifting. The STRATOVARIUS meets LABYRINTH “Fly Away” was problematic, a great song with embracing melodies, full throttle speed just like in the old days, but after a while it became clear that it has its fair share of banalities. “Wind Of Changes” is much more assorted, clings to become different, yet there was something about its chorus that didn’t grasp me. It sounds passionate, though it was a little tough for me to click with it. Furthermore, several of the band’s show of skills within this one seemed slightly out of context, yet amazing playing talents.

In short, “Lost Eden” is blast from the past, a memory that would like to remained strong in one’s recognition. ALTAIR left the modernization proceedings to others to deal with, and I am glad that they did. Obtaining a sense of class, ALTAIR wrote several points where Progressive and Power Metal appeared quite refreshing, yet they haven’t quite attended to their fillers and banal aspects. I believe to be a good debut, an a well reserved purchase.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Power Of The Gods (Feat. Fabio Lione)
3. Reaching The Dreams
4. Fly Away
5. Lost Eden
6. Freedom Is The Key
7. Wind Of Changes
8. Rise To The Moon
9. Redemption
10. Wind Of Changes (Acoustic)
Simone Mala - Lead Vocals
Luca Scalabrin - Bass & Vocals
Gianmarco Bambini - Lead Guitar
Gianluca Ferioli - Lead Guitar
Enrico Ditta - Keyboards
Daniele Dalla Dea - Drums
Record Label: Power Prog


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