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Altars Ablaze - Life Desecration

Altars Ablaze
Life Desecration
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 14 October 2022, 5:39 AM

Today, Death/Black Metal is becoming an eroded Metal genre due the use and abuse, especially when we are speaking about the Polish model used by VADER (that left it some years ago), BEHEMOTH and HATE. Of course, one can use the genre and bring something different from what is already done (and recorded on albums), but’s it’s hard. And the quintet ALTARS ABLAZE, coming from Czechia, shows that they need to mature their efforts a bit more on “Life Desecration”.

As the words above made things clear, they’re a Death/Black Metal act, heavily influenced by names as HATE ETERNAL and ANGELCORPSE, and with some Black Metal elements inherited of acts as SETHERIAL (due some cold guitar arrangements). It’s different from the usual due some introspective moments (as can be heard on “Life Desecration”), brutal and played with speed and aggressiveness. But the resemblances with some of their influences are too strong, what can cloud a bit their own musical personality (a feature that they clearly have). It’s not bad at all (it’s a good release for a beginner, honestly speaking), but for such potential, it could be way better. Otyn’s recordings and Christian Erkens’ mixing and mastering aren’t the ones to blame, because their works built a massive and brutal sonority, with things defined to a point that anyone can understand. In other hand, it’s heavy and aggressive in a way that’s rarely found today. It’s a very good work, indeed.

But even with the need to sharp their musical efforts in a better way, no one can deny their value showed on songs as “For the Lifeless Love of a Crucified Corpse” (a massive and fast strike of bass guitar and drums, with Death Metal violence blended with some could guitars’ arrangements), “Life Desecration” (very good atmospheric Black Metal ambiences created by the guitars, with a good technical care), “Drenched in Wrath and Blood” (one will hear some subjective melodic influences in some parts, but the essence of Eastern Death Metal is evident, especially on the contrasts between grunts and screams, and what lovely solos in the guitars), and “Glorification of Rats”. But again: the band has potential to create songs way better than the ones heard on this album. It’s just a matter of maturing a bit more.

ALTARS ABLAZE seems to be a young band, and “Life Desecration” isn’t a bad release at all. But imagine when they unleash their full potential…no one will hold these guys back.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. For the Lifeless Love of a Crucified Corpse
2. Life Desecration
3. Shrine Destroyer
4. Across the Empires of Death
5. Drenched in Wrath and Blood
6. With Bone Crowns and Iron Scepters
7. Beneath the Smouldering Ruins
8. Glorification of Rats
Michal Kusák - Vocals
Franta “Frank” Šerák - Guitars
Tomáš Halama - Guitars
Pavel Šatra - Bass
Peter Heteš - Drums
Record Label: Lavadome Productions


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