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Alyson Avenue - Changes

Alyson Avenue
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 18 September 2011, 8:27 PM

If you are looking for the upcoming winter a new fresh version of TREAT & EUROPE, you should definitely check out ALYSON AVENUE with their new album “Changes”. ALYSON AVENUE passed in their career dramatic changes, from replacing their male singer in favor of Anette, the singer on their last two albums that later on left. They re-united to reform another band under the name of SAPPHIRE with a different singer. Now they are back after gathering their Hard Rock pieces with Arabella Vitanc, the new lead singer. This is Arabella’sdebut release with ALYSON AVENUE after their original singer Anette went to a different direction by joining NIGHTWISH.

On the first song "Liar" The keyboards sounds like as if those were smeared on the little lead part before the guitar solo. I asked myself why there is a keyboard solo and another guitar solo, it seems too long for the song. On the second track "Will I Make Love" , I was really impressed with Arabella’s voice, she submitted the song so much love and passion that convinced me to make love.

I must say that the first two songs were ok, a good AOR style which the keyboards were in front but it got harder and better with the third track, “Changes”, due to it being a Hard Rock anthem that started by a strong guitar riff and amazing solo. The band had changes also in their direction from their previous albums, it is still the well known AOR that they were known by but I could feel that the most of their material is still guitar oriented. "Don't know if love is alive" didn't tear my heart. It is a regular nice ballad that seems like just another song in album. It didn’t sweep nor did the chorus that lacked power as on a gold ballad.  The song reminded me the STRYPER hit, “Holding on" but not on its best of forms. It seemed to be that after a weak song there will be a masterpiece song waiting that will make something interesting going. I can say that it did happen. "Into the fire" brought the might of AOR and was well written with a catchy melody on the chorus, along with lyrics that described love that can also trap you with hot burning flames.

The album ended with another victorious song where the guitar plays an interesting roll. Nevertheless, the chorus didn’t have a strong melody. It didn’t cause any interest. It has a very well expected melody that gave the notion of “I heard it all before”. For my taste, it didn’t have the necessary balls like Robin Beck used to sing like or at least could be sang with a tougher manner of singing that would give it some different twist.

I have to give ALYSON AVENUE the credit for playing a good AOR that has more stronger sides rather than weaker ones. This is what makes an album interesting; it should have had three or four hit. That would have done better for it. The album produced by Chris Laney which made a great job and gave it the touch that it needs.

3 Star Rating

1. Liar
2. Will I Make Love
3. Changes
4. Amazing Days
5. Don´t Know If Love Is Alive
6. Fallen
7. Into The Fire
8. I Will Be Waiting
9. I´ll Cry For You
10. Somewhere
11. Always Keep On Loving You
Arabella Vitanc- vocals
Niclas Olsson - keyboards
Thomas Löyskä - bass
Tony Rohtla - guitars
Fredrik Eriksson – drums
Record Label: Avenue Of Allies


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