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Am Himmel – As Eternal as the Starless Kingdom of Sorrow

Am Himmel
As Eternal as the Starless Kingdom of Sorrow
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 July 2022, 7:16 AM

AM HIMMEL is “an ecclesiastical nightmare formed by emanations from the metaphysical voids trapped in the eternal light. A starless kingdom bereft of celestial pureness. Strange rituals in the gothic catacombs of Christianity and insanity. Translated as “In The Sky” in German, AM HIMMEL is a new project from the Netherlands, whose inspiration lies between Doomy Synth-based Drone, Raw Black Metal, and Shoegaze.” The album contains six tracks.

“Bleared by the Infinite Wings” is the first cut. A darkness falls upon the land, with a slow and desperate pace. The vocals are mixed in with the instrumentation, and not overbearing. The focus of the song seems to describe what burning in the afterlife for eternity would feel like. “The Patience and Silence of a Saint’s Death” is exactly that…lumbering and depressing tones abound along with some subtle melody. His death shall be marked by years of mourning, but also celebration from the wicked. “The Virgin Wages Celestial War in the Seraphim Courts” is another very sad and emotional song that you don’t often get in Black Metal. The Shoegaze elements are more pronounced here. The screams in the vocals will torture your very soul. At times, you would swear hope abounds, but it is dashed in the shadows of sunset.

“The Fumes of thy Preposterous Torment” features some of the droning elements the band described in the opening. They are black, soulless, and foul, and all light is swallowed with them. This heartless sound drags on for what seems like day, never ending. “The Bewildering Firstling Thrusts the Knife into her Brother” is a sad tale of revenge. As the knife enters his flesh, she feels nothing. As he sprays blood and dies, she thought she would feel better. But, she is cold and lifeless herself, dropping the blade and heading upstairs to bed, still covered in his blood. If you could see her eyes, they reflect the nihility that she has in her heart. The title track closes the album. It’s another cold song that burns with fire that somehow cannot hurt you, because your soul is frozen in your body.

This was a fantastic album that expertly blended several styles of Metal into a sound that is both vitalizing and totally depressing at the same time. Melody seems to come from several places, but each time it rears its head, it is dragged down into the abyss screaming by a horrible horned, dark figure. You feel like you are standing on the very edge of Hell, as black souls beckon you forward, and you jump without a second thought.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Bleared by the Infinite Wings
2. The Patience and Silence of a Saint's Death
3. The Virgin Wages Celestial War in the Seraphim Courts
4. The Fumes of thy Preposterous Torment
5. The Bewildering Firstling Thrusts the Knife into her Brother
6. As Eternal as the Starless Kingdom of Sorrow
Record Label: Burning World Records


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