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Amaze Knight - The Key Award winner

Amaze Knight
The Key
by Daniel Fox at 09 January 2014, 4:46 PM

AMAZE KNIGHT were bold enough to release a debut full-length that was just as ambitious as it was length and technical. At only 5 tracks, the album still manages to nearly hit the 50 minute mark; each track lengthy, meaty and the entire bit progressive in their own right. I therefore felt it more fitting to deeply explore just two of the tracks. It is one thing to be able to audibly access a Prog track; but to be able to talk about your understanding of it is another. The way I see it, the harder that is, the better and the track.

"Imprisoned (Shadows Past)" is the longest track on the album, and also the first. It begins with a drum rolled introduction that exudes epicenes, grandeur and yet also a sense of foreboding. This is cut through with an eerie keyboard melody that melds into a confusing, mind-boggling series of riffs that only a Prog band could make sound pleasant and intelligible. Amongst this, AMAZE KNIGHT manage to include slight nuances of groove and catchy melody progressions. I found Fabrizio's vocals to be quite unique; what sounds like a strong Italian accent cuts through in the lyrics, and really rather adds to the enjoyment of the vocal sections. As expected of a track of this length, no one section of riffs sound the same, and I feel as if the song is constantly evolving, as does the vocal style do accompany the musical changes. I feel as if the band could not have made a better choice for an opening track, as it showcases everything the band appears to be most capable of; extremely skillful instrumental work, adventurous vocal styles, and incredibly ambitious songwriting.

I felt "Liberation (The Reflection)" was a standout track on this album, because of how far it deviates from the other tracks, including its counterpart that followed. It begins with an introductory noodling between guitar and keyboard that sounds both eerie and peaceful, and soon rocks on forth with a groovy, but infectiously up-beat and happy-sounding Prog Rock riff. This carries on into a lofty and masterful lead guitar lick; the intelligence and depth of the track only continues further. This rock-based, care-free atmosphere that is backed up by technical instrument playing, and Fabrizio's dulcet tones instantly remind me of SEVENTH WONDER.

It was a true pleasure to listen to this album through and through; track skipping is a crime where a Prog album is concerned; what better way to experience something than to experience it fully?

4 Star Rating

1. Imprisoned (Shadows Past)
2. Restless Soul
3. Heartless
4. Liberation (The Reflection)
5. Liberation (A New Day)
Fabrizio Aseglio – Vocals
Christian Dimasi – Guitars, Vocals
Davide Gemello – Keyboards
Matteo Cerantola – Bass
Michele Scotti – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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