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Ambassador Gun - Golden Eagle

Ambassador Gun
Golden Eagle
by Dory Khawand at 20 December 2012, 4:51 PM

Nowadays, nothing is more mature than a perfect blend of modern Metal and the ferocious 90s style of aggressive Death Metal, and that package my dear readers is found with “Golden Eagle” by AMBASSADOR GUN. This release features countless elements that make it one of the most unique releases in the Death Metal scene.

The album’s so fucking intense you’d want to rip someone’s head off! With many varying elements such as Death Metal, Punk, and Metalcore, you’re probably gonna go for seconds after this album is finished. You have some insane Guitar riffing on tracks like “Christbastard” and massive breakdowns on tracks like “Slowbled” that immediately made me jump from my seat. This shit is seriously mad.

Also on this album we have… wait… what the fuck? Wait, let me get my glasses, I’m sure there’s something wrong here. Oh God… there’s a song called “Chris Brown” on this album… and it’s probably the heaviest track on the album… okay, nevermind, let’s carry on shall we?

Production wise, the album is very well produced, especially for this kind of sound and mixture of genres. The vocals are a crossover between Death Growls and typical core screaming, which is pretty tad great if you want my opinion. As for Guitars, they’re probably the most outstanding thing this album has to offer, with Thrash riffs, Metalcore breakdowns, and much more.

“Golden Eagle” is a very entertaining album and a solid effort by AMBASSADOR GUN, and anyone with an ear for variety with surely enjoy this band. Embrace the aggressiveness this album has to offer and have a great listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Wounded Knee
2. Christbastard
3. Slowbled
4. Warpainted
5. Sunshine Acid
6. Cover Tracks/Sever Ties
7. Crack Ikon
8. Chris Brown
9. Unleashed
10. Circle the Lord of Flies
11. No Suffering
Patrick– Drums
Tim – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Luke – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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