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Ambrotos – Ambrotos

by Erik Akos at 10 October 2018, 9:01 AM

Ambrotos are a Greek/Mexican (interesting combination) Black Metal band formed last year. Their lyrical reputation is a lot more interesting than their musical one (being plain Black Metal), as their lyrics are based around pre-Socratic ideals and philosophy. Looking at the lyrics of their debut, self-titled, and merely 2-track long EP, I can kind of see that for the most part, especially with the lines:

"This and only world, in his entity was not created from a human nor a god Existed forevermore as eternal, fire lighting up constantly”

Unfortunately, I can only speak about 95% of track no. 1, "Dimensional Rivers”, because the entirety of "Ambrotos”, the eponymous second track was written in Greek. Even though I personally disagree with the ideas it presents, I can say I somewhat like the lyrics in the EP’s first half, even though they’re typical metaphysical verses not too unorthodox in modern Extreme Metal. But just like the lyrics, I can only appreciate the musical part of the first song, not so much the second.

"Dimensional Rivers” is honestly one of the best Black Metal songs I’ve ever heard. Despite being only 2 tracks and about 13 minutes long, the trio take their time with the intro, which is almost half the first song. It’s something spectacular though, with the guitar only playing a few notes and thus handing over the focus to the light (I mean REALLY light, barely audible) flute and natural sound effects. But the guitar is still louder, so the intro has an amazing sense of balance. The rest of the song consists of the flawless usage of basic Black Metal songwriting tactics. The tremolo picking has a subtle shape of melody in it, the blast beats are plentiful, but not overused or annoying, and the vocals are okay too. At least they don’t make me tear my ears off, like most Black Metal vocals besides ABBATH.

The title-track however, is kind of bland to be honest. There’s a really catchy riff in it, in the part with the Greek chanting (which at least sets it apart from "Dimensional Rivers”), but other than that, it’s Black Metal 101 with no twists or turns, or at least done good. Verdict: "Dimensional Rivers”=hit "Ambrotos”=miss

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8


3 Star Rating

1. Dimensional River
2. Ambrotos
Vaggelis K. - Vocals
Kostas T. – Guitars/Bass
Humberto L. – Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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Edited 05 December 2022

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