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American Glutton – Fruit Will Rot

American Glutton
Fruit Will Rot
by Dave Nowels at 09 July 2019, 6:22 PM

AMERICAN GLUTTON is a Jacksonville, Florida based classic metal/hard rock styled band that is presenting their newest EP, “Fruit Will Rot”.  Comprised of guitarist Tommy Harrison (DOGS OF PLEASURE), Dani Harrison (HIPPIE WEREWOLVES) on bass and Raven Cain on vocals. The band seems to be described in multiple places (including band photos) as a trio, which based on the above would leave them without a drummer. Though he's not credited on either the band's Facebook page or ReverbNation page, drums are apparently handled by Kirk Ferguson. The band cites a wide range of influences, ranging from SABBATH, MAIDEN, PANTERA and PRIEST. Oddly enough, I don't hear any of those influences here on “Fruit Will Rot”.

Honestly, it's hard for me to exactly pinpoint the influences I hear on the album. At times, it seems like the band came to the studio with way to many ideas, but were reluctant to settle on one, or even two. Instead, it's as if they threw everything into a musical blender and hoped for the best. Things open with “Charmed By The Snake” and immediately I'm disillusioned by the production. Everything seems distant and disconnected. The song itself is interesting, but never really reaches the plateau. Cain's vocals carry a lack of enthusiasm, and the song's later spoken portion comes across cheesy.  Next up is “Ego Maniac” and it's declaration of wanting “my 15 minutes of fame”. Cain's vocals here at times take on a David Lee Roth approach, though they still carry the lack of enthusiasm. The title track and the following “FU” carry a bit of redemption and represented a couple of my highlights from the album. “FU” presents a bit of an edge to the album, and no doubt will be the band's thoughts on my review.

“Heaven and Hell” bears zero resemblance to the SABBATH song of the same name, and instead manages to meander here and there without ever really identifying itself as it's own entity.  “Lies” takes a power ballad approach, that grows into a brooding powerhouse and actually becomes another favorite. The EP closes with “Status Quo” and it's initial furious tempo that gets rendered ineffective by the unsuccessful mix of a modern metal meets prog approach. Ultimately, this track is a good representation of the problems I encountered with “Fruit Will Rot”. Too many ideas and no real destination, which makes for a confusing mess.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 3
Memorability: 3
Production: 4


2 Star Rating

1. Charmed By the Snake
2. Ego Maniac
3. Fruit Will Rot
4. FU
5. Heaven And Hell
6. Lies
7. Status Quo
Raven Cain – Vocals
Tommy Harrison – Guitars
Dani Harrison – Bass
Kirk Ferguson – Drums
Record Label: From the Ashes Records


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