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American Heritage - Prolapse

American Heritage
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 23 December 2014, 10:51 AM

One of the perks of being a Metal band is that you can experiment and tweak your style from song to song. AMERICAN HERITAGE (Chicago, US) have done just that with their November 2014 release "Prolapse". I don't really know what bands to compare them to which is actually refreshing. I guess the closest I could compare them to would be like a cross between Sludge/Stoner/Groove Metal and Hard Rock. They have a very distinct sound and the distortion sounds amazing. This album is heavy, but has the style that could draw in any Rock or Metal fan.

I really didn't know what to expect when I saw the artwork for the album cover. Seeing the severed fleshy tube extruded from skin gave me the initial impression that this might be more along the lines of Brutal Death Metal, but despite my surprise once I started listening to the album and the non-BDM style present, I was still able to make the connection. The title of the album is "Prolapse" which is a medical term describing a condition in which a valve doesn't shut all the way and allows blood or other bodily fluids to backflow when they aren't supposed to. Think of the heart condition mitral valve prolapse and that's exactly what happens. It is my interpretation that "Prolapse" was chosen because the music has elements of backbeats and maybe that's the tie.

Still, without an album title track and three cover songs, I have to contemplate if they weren't able to come up with enough new material to include more original songs including the title track (though six originals is more than enough for some bands to release as an album). For all I know, that may not be their concern at all and they just made the music because it kicks ass and stimulates the eardrums. I think it also worth noting that I have never before encountered a metal song that, in the case of "Anxious Bedwetter" focuses on anything to do with bladder control. Bravo!

With one read of their Facebook description, I was made aware that I wasn't encountering a normal Metal band. Whoever wrote it has a knack for the imaginary and storytelling. It seemed nonsensical yet humorous, so maybe it was something that I could have written if I was in the right state of mind.

All kidding aside, this album has some good and heavy tracks on it. The audio comes through clearly and the vocals, though the words may be indistinguishable at times, are not obnoxious enough to detract from the music. On that topic, some of the guitar work is fairly technical and there are some nice riffs and grooves in the mix. "Constant and Consuming Fear of Death and Dying" is one of the finest tracks I heard on "Prolapse" because of the mixture and overall quality of the songwriting.

What I gathered overall is that the listener can experience anything from laid back moments of contemplation to "hey everybody let's get in the mosh pit." Quite the variety! It's safe to say there's something for about 99% of metalheads out there, so make up your own mind and give "Prolapse" a most definitely worthy listen!

3 Star Rating

1. Eastward Cast the Entrails
2. Anxious Bedwetter
3. Obliviocrity
4. Constant And Consuming Fear of Death and Dying
5. Mask of Lies
6. Blackbird
7. Hurtin' Crue
8. Thirsty and Miserable
9. Bulletproof Cupid
Mike Duffy - Drums
Adamn Norden - Vocals, Guitar
Scott Shellhamer - Guitars
Erik Bocek - Bass
Record Label: Granitehouse Records


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