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American Hi-Fi - Blood And Lemonade Award winner

American Hi-Fi
Blood And Lemonade
by Lauryn Plummer at 23 October 2014, 6:03 AM

For the fourth time the Massachusetts quartet are back with another studio album. I must say it is pretty impressive, considering vocalist Stacy said that his band is “just Rock n’ Roll” to him. They’ve even been classed as a Pop Metal band, can you believe it? I can. Kicking off the album we have “Armageddon Days” my initial thoughts about the first track was that it was a mellow start to the album and it didn’t really link to the albums “Blood and Lemonade titles Although as you make your way through the track you get the feel of an Armageddon theme tune, you know as the end of the world is coming, you could totally listen to this, it just goes well. I mean lyrics like brace yourself for the wave of “Blood and Lemonade” it’s like there’s a bitter sweet end to the end of the world.

Then you get tracks like “Golden State” and “Coma” which definitely show off drummer Brian’s exciting fills, as he keeps both songs to a steady pace. You can definitely hear the Pop Punk vibe through it. Then you have songs like “Wake up” and “Coma” you seriously wouldn’t think they were the same guy form the previous songs, the whole album genre changes completely. I would have to say that they have more of a Rock feel to these songs, filled with riffs and solos to change the pace of the song, which makes you think differently about the direction they wanted to go in the first place. At the start of the sixth track “Amnesia” as soon as the police sirens kick in (yes, police sirens) you automatically think, yep, rock stars getting involved with the police, classic. But then it returns to the Pop Punk feel again, then you get halfway through the track thinking it’s over till Jaime, Drew and Brian Break up the song before the vocals kick back, where the lyric erase the memory is repeated over, see the link there?

You know when you see song titles and they don’t make sense to the actual song? Well these guys do it right. Especially in “Killing Time” and “Carry The Sorrow” with “Killing Time” the beginning has such a dark start, with a selection of lower toned riffs that carry the dark vibe throughout the track. Whereas “Carry The Sorry” you can hear the Rock feel in the song, with a deeper tone of vocals, it’s much slower than the other tracks on the album. It has acoustic characteristics, but it’s not an acoustic. “Portland” picks up after the song previous, where it has an obvious slower break in the middle to separate the paces. That lasts for a little before a solo from Jaime returns the track to the fast pace once again.

Finally we have “No Ordinary” it’s a slow finish to the album, which is always a good end. It reminds me of an on tour kind of song, you know when bands are always far away from home. The melodic riff in the middle breaks up the song yet keeps the mood going, before you hit the rock solo which then again makes the album a double genre kind of thing. Bringing Pop Punk and Rock together, hence it’s Pop Rock kind of feel.

4 Star Rating

1. Armageddon Days
2. Golden State
3. Coma
4. Wake Up
5. Allison
6. Amnesia
7. Killing Time
8. Carry The Sorrow
9. Portland
10. No Ordinary Life
Stacy Jones – Vocals
Jaime Arentzen – Guitar
Drew Parsons – Bass
Brian Nolan – Drums
Record Label: Rude Records


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