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American Mafia - Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine Award winner

American Mafia
Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine
by Jeff Legg at 20 November 2014, 4:57 PM

Back in the day when I was cutting my teeth on rock n’ roll, after a childhood fascination with ELVIS and before my affinity with metal, my first love was southern fried rock. With the likes of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, .38 SPECIAL, and MOLLY HATCHET dominating the music industry during my Junior High and High School years, this genre of music was everywhere and was the “it” thing to listen to. And after my first outdoors concert with MOLLY HATCHET and BLACKFOOT, (my first concert was, of course, ELVIS PRESLEY); my life has never been the same. To this day, even though my first love is straight up heavy metal, I still possess a strong desire for that good ole’ boy, bluesy rock n’ roll. So when I got the opportunity to review “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” by the extremely talented band, AMERICAN MAFIA, I hit the ceiling.

The story of AMERICAN MAFIA is one that could have easily ended before it ever began. Rising from the ashes of a tragic situation pertaining to the previous incarnation of the band, originally named HOLY WATER, guitarist Tom Jude and bass player Freddy Villano have regrouped and reemerged stronger than ever. With Bobby Marks on drums, they have incorporated six different vocalists to carry the load, making “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” a perfect mixture of southern fried rock and classic blues rock n’ roll. Joining AMERICAN MAFIA behind the microphone is John West, Jimmy Kunes, Don Chaffin, Mike DiMeo, Ed Terry, and David Knight, and each one adds their own flavor to this offering.

Straight out of the box, “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” is classic southern hard rock, and with the current state of the music industry virtually void of this style of music, this release should make some waves. For the avid rock n’ roll fan, it’s easy to distinguish between a band playing from their heart and soul, and a band that has to manufacture the sound, leaving the material less than authentic. There is no questioning where these guy’s roots lie, as early influences from the likes of .38 SPECIAL and LYNYRD SKYNYRD are evident all throughout this collection of songs. At times, their music takes on a TESLA meets THE BLACK CROWES sound, and there are moments that display a bluesy LED ZEPPLIN flavor. You can’t fake the genuine sound and the bluesy passion that these guys display, and the future looks bright. “Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine” would have been an huge hit, and more than likely a platinum record, back during the southern-fried-80’s era and has the potential to put this genre back on the map. I’m all in on this one.

4 Star Rating

1. Obsession

2. Every Time

3. Your Good Lovin’
4. Death & Satisfaction

5. Friendly Fire

6. If I Knew

7. Man On The Flying Trapeze
8. Living For The City

9. The Sky is Falling

10. Let Me Go

11. All I Need

12. Resurrection
Tom Jude - Guitar

Freddy Villano - Bass

Bobby Marks - Drums

John West - Lead Vocals
Jimmy Kunes - Lead Vocals
Don Chaffin - Lead Vocals
Mike DiMeo - Lead Vocals
Ed Terry - Lead Vocals
David Knight -Lead Vocals
Record Label: Grooveyard Records


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