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Amken – Adrenaline Shot

Adrenaline Shot
by Rob Kuhler at 23 December 2014, 10:51 AM

 Your first shot is from the introduction of the title track and this shot hits you fast, taking you straight to the Bay Area scene where you find yourself confronted by 4 Greek Thrash machines. Typically short and sweet, this track is an instant pace setter that gets your head very much banging.

Someone taught these guys the neat ‘dive’ trick on their axe, which they implement not for the first time at the start of “Zombie Pets”. Vocally, Vanias shows off his impressive range and roar, the comparison I drew from his sound is that of Samy Elbanna from LOST SOCIETY. There are neat parts in this song including the guitar solos and catchy chorus, one to open up the mosh pit to.

“Nightmares” offers something different with its very eerie intro containing a baby’s cry and creepy xylophone melodies. Once captured in the tense mind set and awaiting release, queue the riff worthy of any Slasher death-toll compilation. The evil remains throughout with often descending guitar riffs and big chorus’.

“God’s Asleep” keeps the classic vibe alive and again is full of clever riffs and neat solos. However, this track being the longest at over 6 minutes I did feel I was listening to some of the riffs for a long time and with not much variation. Because of this linear structure my mind started to wander and there was a lack of climax to the EP, which is a shame because it started how I think it should have finished.

Overall AMKEN’s sound is tight, fast and fun which is the feeling I get from the great ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT records. Given time, these guys have potential to create something really special and “Adrenaline Shot” is a good stepping-stone. I would recommend this as a solid Thrash Metal EP to any fan of the bands I stated above.

3 Star Rating

1. Adrenaline Shot
2. Zombie Pets
3. Nightmares
4. God’s Asleep
Sokratis Bebis - Drums
Giannis Karakoulias - Guitars
Vanias Apostolopoulos - Vocals, Guitars
Kostas Triantafullou - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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