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Ammunition – Shanghaied Award winner

by YngwieViking at 29 December 2014, 3:08 PM

The former singer of WIGWAM,  Åge Sten Nilsen continues brillantly its musical carrer, after the short lived but impressive NORDIC BEAST experience, he is back, now at the helm of an exciting new adventure, a supergroup called AMMUNITION and as always with Mr Nilsen he brings with him some talented fellows, such as the highly acclaimed multi instrumentist/Composer/Producer Erik Mårtensson aka the miracle man!

I wasn’t WIGWAM’s biggest fan, but since the demise of the band, i should admit that its ex members provided some first class music, 2013’s BABY SNAKES ” Gunslingers” is truly recommended and the new project of Trond Holter and Jorn Lande’s DRACULA is quite promising and let’s say the truth this “Shangalied” is a pure killer album and honey for our Metal ears !

Taking a more muscular Hard Rock vein, with some AOR flavors a few Hair Metal gimmick (“Road To Babylon”) and even some new found Heaviness, but with always a rich and catchy method in the singalong choruses !

Here, the young Erik Mårtensson from ECLIPSE/WET fame display the whole stature of his melodic talent, add to that the great drummer Robban Bäck (exECLIPSE/SABATON/BALTIMOORE),the legendary Hal Patino (exKING DIAMOND/exPRETTY MAIDS/exNORDIC BEAST/exFORCE OF EVIL/MARYANN COTTON) on bass, Jon Pettersen (WILD WILLY’s GANG) on second guitar and CIRCUS MAXIMUS keyboardist Lasse Finbrathe (also exWIGWAM): is this a dreamteam or what?!

The musical direction isn’t surprising at all and should please each and every fans of the aforementioned bands with all the ingredients that made the success of ECLIPSE and WIGWAM (“Wild Card”) expanded to the max, yet offers a rougher and more subtle sound and arrangements than the last productions by the Norwegian tribe.

The album features thirteen tracks, the opening duo "Silverback"/”Give Me A Sign” and "Hit Me With Your Bombs" Or "Do You Like It" are just huge anthems and a hits you like a ton of bricks with the pinnacle song being "Take Out The Enemy” and its strange gospel choir…My god, a real climax of Scandinavian hot rod Melodic Metal meets WHITESNAKE.

The first single "Tie Me Down" borrow a trick or two to ECLIPSE and to DEEP PURPLE’s rendition of “Hush”, while the magical refrain for title track sounds like a leftover from the AC/DC “Back In Black” session with John Mutt Lange at the mixing desk!

The album is already avaible in Scandinavia and Japan (with a bonus track "Strung Out" that sounds like Mr BIG ) but Åge Sten Nilsen’s AMMUNITON is now on the verge of promoting their first album “Shanghaied” due for a worlwide release in late January.

In short, this "Shanghaied" is explosive and it's a real comeback win for Mr Åge Sten Nilsen and its comrades, maybe its the birth of a new hope for Melodic Metal in 2015!

4 Star Rating

1. Silverback
2. Give Me a Sign
3. Shanghaied
4. Tie Me Down
5. Road to Babylon
6. Take Out the Enemy (Hallelujah)
7. Hit Me With Your Bombs
8. Do You Like It
9. Wild Card
10. Another Piece of Me
11. Heart’s Not in It
12. Strung Out
Åge Sten Nilsen – Lead Vocals
Hal Patino – Bass
Jon Pettersen - Guitars
Robban Bäck - Drums
Erik Mårtensson – Lead Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Lasse Finbråthen - Keyboards
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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