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Amon Sethis - The Final Struggle

Amon Sethis
The Final Struggle
by Matt Coe at 17 July 2014, 10:45 AM

Certain countries gravitate to particular sub-genres of metal. Progressive Metal seems to gain a lot of respect from France for instance – and given the exposure I’ve had to this particular quintet AMON SETHIS, it’s easy to understand why. For their second album “The Final Struggle”, these musicians aren’t content to perform in a fluid, technically profound manner – instead adding in exotic chord structures and subtle nuances to create their own style that can capture more than the schooled musician crowd.

Tackling an ancient Egyptian lyrical outlook makes sense given the nature of what you hear on “Shadow the Light”, the doomier “Pharaoh’s Army” (feel a lot of SOLITUDE AETURNUS in this cut) all the way to the roller coaster 25 minute plus epic title closing track. Julien Tournoud has more of a classic metal voice, showing remarkable poise through all facets of the band’s ebbs and flows- always seeking out the right reference points and areas to shine without becoming a burden. Acoustic guitars, fluid bass lines, drumming that can be simplified one moment and go full force the next – AMON SETHIS do not follow a typical DREAM THEATER or FATES WARNING song pattern.

Will this be the easiest form of Progressive Metal to get into? The challenge could be in handling the wide colors the five-piece choose to paint the sonic landscape upon – because the bombast and heaviness of “Exterminate the Earth” contrasts against the straightforward “Hope” or lighter fare such as “Eyes of the Sun”. As long as you know going in that AMON SETHIS seek outside influences to develop their sound, I think most open-minded Metal followers will be intrigued by the way the arrangements and songs flow.

My bewilderment lies in the fact that the band previously had a record deal with the domestic label Brennus Music, but currently remains independent. Do not let that factor change your ideas about the group – “The Final Struggle” is one of those mind-expansive records that will sit deep into the brain for years to come.

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude to Chaos
2. Shadow the Light
3. Pharaoh’s Army
4. Hope
5. Aissem Tenemra
6. Eyes of the Sun
7. Ateravis the Commander
8. Exterminate the Earth
9. ar Beyond Death
10. The Final Struggle
Julien Tournoud – Vocals
Olivier Billoint – Guitar
Johan Koninckx – Keyboards
Thierry Ventura – Bass
Thierry Delvaux – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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