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Amon Amarth - Fate Of Norns (CD)

Amon Amarth
Fate Of Norns
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 29 August 2004, 7:21 PM

How many times have each of you found yourselves surrounded by the term ''epic Metal''? I guess a lot. I also guess that you have laughed your ass off while listening to all those supposed to be true Metal bands that become even more graphical than the poor buffoon Marylin Manson in their attempt to compose music based on mythical dragons, steel swords and more. Now let me tell you one thing: Forget all those silly clowns. Amon Amarth is a band that could turn even the most cynical listener towards the specific genre into a die-hard fan.
Their debut with Metal Blade Records, Once Sent From The Golden Hall (1998) was only the beginning of the shining career awaiting them. The 3 following albums proved indisputably the band's artistic value and that it wasn't another record-band with limited talent reserves. Their unique combination of Death and Epic Metal had easily distinguished them from the rest of the European Death Metal acts, and as time passed by Amon Amarth turned from a promising newcomer to an ingrained, trustworthy band.
2002's Versus The World was a solid release, one of the year's highlights in my opinion and surely the album that would comprise a measure for the band's following releases. Fate Of Norns will be decisive for their future; it's now time to judge how far this band can go and whether or not it will stand equally next to the band's masterwork so far.
Hopefully, Fate Of Norns resists to any possible comparisons. Though different enough from Versus The world:, it's truly obvious that once more the mighty Swedish have delivered an outstanding piece of work. The pace has slightly slowed down and this time the band gave more emphasis on the epic element. I don't know how this sounded to you, I could be equally cautious if I didn't have the chance to hear the album but the first listening removed any possible doubts. Your Viking experience begins impressively with a startling opener such as 'An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm but the songs that follow leave none unsatisfied especially when we're talking about tracks like Pursuit Of Vikings:, The Beheading Of A King, Where Death Seems To Dwell and Arson.
The band's trademark is still here; omnipotent guitar sound, bombastic drumming, warlike rhythms and vicious vocals. Amon Amarth haven't turned away from their roots for trends' sake, they still remain unique at what they do while living  thousands of miles away from any other European Death Metal act. The count only 6 years of official discography with 5 albums already behind them, one better than the other and they seem so damn capable of even greater stuff. If even they don't achieve them, they've already gained a first class ticket to Valhalla…

4 Star Rating

An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
Where Death Seems To Dwell
The Fate Of Norns
Pursuit Of Vikings
Valkyries Ride
The Beheading Of A King
Once Sealed In Blood
Johan Hegg - Vocals
Olli Mikkonen - Guitar
Johan Soderberg - Guitar
Ted Lundstrom - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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