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AmongRuins - Bring Out Your Dead

Bring Out Your Dead
by Emily Coulter at 16 December 2013, 4:15 PM

AMONGRUINS are a band that is impossible to put into one singular genre. There's hints of Death Metal, Grind and Deathcore in every song but one thing that you can be sure of is the sheer brutality of the band. The Greek Death Metal band have done well for themselves despite various lineup changes but the current group have proved they can make great Metal with ''Bring Out Your Dead''.

The first track of the album is ''Carry All Your Sins'' it opens as a pretty gentle guitar track but as soon as the hard blast beats from George Tzitzifas breaks in you know it's going to be completely different from there. Sverd's vocals range from brutally low growls to super high screams throughout the track which keeps the excitement flowing. ''Face Of Plague'' is opened up with beats so fast it could be compared to Aaron Kitcher of INFANT ANNIHILATOR / BLACK TONGUE. The song does have it slow breakdowns though, making the band definitely influenced by death core bands. The distorted guitar riffs from Thanos and Thanasoglou may give you a slight ear ache but it's very much worth it. ''Mind Scrutiny'' sounds close to the previous two tracks but the low growls of Sverd are much more aggressive and brutal. This is a good track but sadly there are too many small breakdowns within the song, 2 large ones would have been a lot better. The lyrical content is at its greatest point on this song. ''Bring Out Your Dead'' finally brings out some fresh material from the band. The track is haunting, brutal and everything what the band embeds into their lyrics. Fast drumming, heavy guitar riffs and vocals which sound like a character from your nightmares with a slight influence of Deathcore is what makes this one of the best songs on the album.

''For You My Nightmare'' is opened by an almighty riff which just oozes creativity from both guitarists. In this track everyone's input is on full form and that is what makes good Death Metal. Sverd's vocal range is tested from each end of the range on here and you cannot tell whether the melody is Death Metal or Deathcore. Tzitzifas's drumming feels blunt and simplistic but it makes a difference to the other songs. If you're needing a great song to head bang to, then this is it. ''CHRNBL'' easily sounds like it could have been stolen from a TOXIC HOLOCAUST demo tape if you removed the breakdowns. The track has obvious Grindcore / Death Metal influence which is impossible to describe unless you're blasting it at top volume. What makes it even better is that they are experimenting with various guitar tones giving so many tones off at one time. ''He Who Brings Pestilence'' is one of the weaker tracks of the album, though it is full off some great riffs the vocals sadly do not match in anyway. The vocals are too low for such a high tuning, if it had some of the vocals being higher or some 'pig squeals' inserted it could have been a hit. The break down at 3.00 minutes is a great ending. ''Rape On The Altar Of Butchery'' is full of low bass tones from the beginning and swarming with breakdowns throughout. You're expecting a song from CANNIBAL CORPSE's discography regarding the title of the track but it's very much far from that. What the band need to understand is the quote ''less is more'' is very relevant to this song.

From the moment it begins ''Wretched Soul'' is brimming with blast beats! One of the best songs of the album, it has a good mix of Death Metal and Core. If you love a good Death / Thrash crossover then this is the song for you! Both guitarists work well together on here and create so many dynamic sounds whilst the vocals have a great range showcased. ''Dead Moon And Sky'' is quiet flat compared to the previous, though still fast it just lacks what ''Wretched Soul'' had. All the band do have a good input and it is good but it's as if they didn't put that much effort in when closing the album. Penultimate track ''They All Will Remain'' is blast beat after blast beat from the beginning with black metal vocals, AMONGRUINS have surely noticed how well variation can work when creating an album. There is something special about this song which cannot be worded into a sentence, the little Djent riff 2.19 followed by the harsh blast beats is just a joy for a Metalhead’s ears especially if you're a fan of NAPALM DEATH. The intro riff of ''Home Of The Silent'' sounds very close to the music of MARTYR DEFILED. Like previous tracks it is full with breakdowns but the drums feel very blunt yet harsh. Sverd's vocals have a more clear tone to them, making it better to understand the lyrics which makes the track darker than it was. The solo at 2.52 makes it the perfect closing track, giving a fresh part to the album.

Overall, AMONGRUINS are a great band. But they are too repetitive and some songs can sound very similar, if they took out 50-75% of the breakdowns then the album could have been perfect. If they give more originality and follow that advice then another album could be a hit. 

3 Star Rating

1. Carry All Your Sins
2. Face Of Plague
3. Mind Scrutiny
4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. For You My Nightmare
7. He Who Brings The Pestilence
8. Rape On The Altar Of Butchery
9. Wretched Soul
10. Dead Moon And Sky
11. They All Will Remain
12. Home Of The Silent
Sverd – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Thanos – Guitar
George Thanasoglou - Guitar
George Tzitzifas – Drums
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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