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Amoral - Wound Creations (CD)

Wound Creations
by Evi Tsitsi at 13 November 2004, 12:08 PM

It's my third album review and I also have to say only good words for this band (as I did with the the other two). The debut album of Amoral, Wound Creations, came as a dynamite in my ears. This group plays technical Death Metal, like a really mature and educated band. It is quite obvious that they have nothing to be jealous about from groups like Morgoth and Edge Of Sanity. Amoral have their own way in playing and riffing. It seems that they have a bright future ahead.
In late 1997 Ben Varon(guitarist) and Juhana Karlsson (drummer), decided to jam on some mutual favorites, as both were students in the same school. The line-up was complete with most notable Silver Ots on guitars. In the year 2001 they released their first demo, with Silver handling the bass duties in the studio, as they hadn't found a bassist yet. The results were Desolation, a demo with two track. Someday they found by chance Ville Sorvali, bassist and drummer of Moonsorrow and May Withers for bass. When finally they found singer Niko Kalliojarvi, they recorded their second demo entitled Other Flesh. With a much better sound compared to Desolation, the reviews and general response they got back from the press and audience were great, and surely that was a probably what got them a deal with the English label, Rage Of Achilles. Finally in December of 2003 they began the recordings at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki and the results can now be heard on Wound Creations.
Amoral move between technical Death Metal and Progressive Rock. They have amazing, well studied Heavy Metal riffs, binding together with brutal vocals and very good-played drums. Silent Renewal would make you remember good days of Chuck Schuldiner's (R.I.P. - Death) riffings. The seventh song, Distract, makes me turn the volume louder every time I listen to it. Languor Passage is an instrumental song, which I believe is the only boring part of this album. Those who play the guitar (unfortunately I'm not one of them), would be inspired by Wound Creations in any way making you wanna play the best riffs that you have ever played, ever.
Ending this review I only have to say that I'm patiently expecting their next work.
- Album Highlights: Silent Renewal, Distract and The Last Round

4 Star Rating

The Verge
Atrocity Evolution
Silent Renewal
The Last Round
Other Flesh
Nothing Daunted (Gallows Pole Rock'N'Roll)
Languor Passage
Metamorphosis (Bonus Track)
Niko Kalliojarvi - Vocals
Silver Ots - Guitar
Ben Varon - Guitar
Ville Sorvali - Bass
Juhana Karlsson - Drums
Record Label: Spikefarm Records


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