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Amrinan - Songs to Son Award winner

Songs to Son
by Christian van Millingen at 21 August 2015, 12:32 PM

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It is the beginning of this album flying into this world, punching you into the universe of AMRINAN. This marvellous album starts itself with a heavy riffed song, immediately kicking ass. The lyrics, which are damn well constructed for an Israeli band, are exactly what the title of the album says: they are songs for a next generation.

The beginning contains a strong message about how one should change himself to improve the world. Obviously not a right-winged party here. Although I am not quite the guy for these “change the world messages”, this one has a point, and it is quite well delivered. The vocalist, guest Vidi Dolev, gets its first compliment here: amazing combination between the Death Metal growls and the clean Prog sound.  The only downside on this song can be found in the middle somewhere where there is one weird part with some echoes that, in my opinion, could have been stronger. Yet, more quality is found in the superior guitarwork, delivered by Erez Ben-Melech, not only in this song, just let me cover it for the entire album: amazing riffs, great switches from heavy stuff to soothing sound, mostly found on the “Who I Am song”.

The rest of the album is more of a homage to one person, finding out much about himself.  The mentioned song, “Who I Am”, a beautiful two-part, is an amazing, well constructed song about, well, someone who finds out who he is.  While on the subject of lyrics, the second track, “Favourite Sons” begins with some nice Hebrew lyrics. A nice refreshing touch here.

One aspect that passed by me the first two times I heard the album, were also hidden in the lyrics. A great deal of religion is found in the album. The last three songs especially, contain many references to christianity. Maybe I have seen it wrong, but yet, this album deserves a special place between other  albums for its outstanding combination of skilled musical work, found in especially the guitar, lyrical expression and the amazing smooth sound, making this album one of the better albums that I have heard this year. So if you are in to some good Prog, go check them out, and give this album a spin!

4 Star Rating

1. Better World
2. Favorite Sons
3. Here Comes the End of Time
4. The Tear
5. Who I Am part I
6. Who I Am part II
7. The Prophecy
8. Half Faded Man
9. The Repentant Man
Erez Ben-Melech - Guitars
Eli Levi -  Drums
Nadav Knafo -  Bass
Ori Adam -  Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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