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An Act Of Treachery - Reflections Of A Dying World Award winner

An Act Of Treachery
Reflections Of A Dying World
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 16 December 2013, 4:46 PM

When this writer calls attention of some bands who don’t try anything new is not a personal grudge against them, but against the way of thinking “all of good about Metal is already done”. It’s a fallacy, a lie, and a wrong way of thinking and living on. Metal is an infinite source of creativity, and the quintet AN ACT OF TREACHERY, from Austria, shows what I mean with their first album, “Reflections of a Dying World”, a threat to all those who stay in conformism and don’t try to do something new.

They do a wonderful mix between Thrash Metal in German way with some doses from Melodic Death Metal from Gothenburg, and touches from Metalcore, creating an aggressive, complex and technical music, but with energy and pulsing with life. It’s a spit in the face of conformism, a kick in the ass of all old school clones, with aggressive and harsh vocals, two guitars spitting strong and melodic riffs, bass and drums with weight and good technique. And beware of your speakers: they can melt for sure.

A powerful sound production awaits our ears, casting music as aggressive as clean as possible, without losing aggressiveness, melody and weight, making the hearing easy and a pleasure to us all. The art is fine, indeed.

The bulls eye songs: the aggressive and powerful “In Chains” (what good guitar work!), the mass-murder made music “Wasted Life” (the drummer is fantastic, staying away from the “old school” vices, breathing a not conventional technique on the song), the wonderful “Reign of Tourment” (a not so fast song, that becomes an addiction for us all, with great guitar riffs and vocals), “Let Them Burn” (the more Thrasher of the songs), “Drowning” (hear it, and you’ll understand why this band don’t leave my CD player), the hooky “Beginning of an End”, and “God of War” (great variation of tempos here). But all songs are great, fine and can make your head moves.

Wonderful band, deserves our listening with care, and hope for another mass killing in a near future.

Old school clones, tremble and run away before them.

5 Star Rating

1. In Chains
2. Wasted Life
3. Reign of Tourment
4. Let Them Burn
5. Our Own Fault
6. Asylum
7. Interlude
8. Drowning
9. Beginning of an End
10. God of War
11. Worlds Fall Apart
Patrick Masopust – Vocals
Stefan Hilber – Guitars
Alexander Michor – Guitars
Manuel Kührner – Bass
Claus Laimer – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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