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An Entire Legion - Flame Wizard

An Entire Legion
Flame Wizard
by Michael Coyle at 25 May 2014, 10:29 PM

From the moment you play the first track entitled “When We Were Kings” you are sent speeding into what I can only describe as a mixture of powerful vocal lines, and heavy classic Rock textured guitar parts, I think the only down side to this song is I felt that it could have been executed better when it came to the chorus and the vocals, besides this I enjoyed the song very much.

Next up we have the song entitled “Mary Sockins” a much heavier and more industrial feeling song, from listening to this track I am able to hear elements of STATIC X and early SLIPKNOT which I feel might be some of the bands influences, from the very second this track begins you are immediately bombarded with a heavy groove of guitars and powerful gritty vocals, I felt that the mixture between the heavier to softer sound was an interesting combination, I feel that this might be one of the better songs off of this record as it has a very angry feel to it and in some ways a very personal touch coming from both the vocals and the lead guitars, all in all I think that the work put into this song has the potential to go far.

From the very beginning of the song entitled “Richest Eyes” we start with a piano introduction which is very beautifully played through the first few minutes of this track, I felt that this was a very interesting way to begin this piece as it is something you wouldn’t expect which I feel is a very clever move to do on their part, through the entire song we hear a mixture of melodies and synthesisers creating a unique and beautiful mixture, in every way I feel that this has to be one of my personal favourites of off this record.

All in all I feel that “Flame Wizard” holds up to its name, a very interesting and magical experience as if taking a long awaited journey into one’s own mind, bringing different elements and styles this album has a great potential to go far.

4 Star Rating

1. When We Were Kings
2. Mary Sockins
3. Richest Eyes
4. Scurvy Johnson
5. Smallworld
6. Twist The Gimp
7. One Dream
8. The Way You Move
9. This Is Love
10. You Are So Mistaken
11. Chew Me Love
Rich Wood - Lead Guitar
Mark Carstairs - Guitar & Bass
Chris Kerley – Drums / Lead Vocals
Luke “The Monch” Sedman - Synths/Samples

Chris Allan - Bass (On tracks “Richest eyes” & “Twist the gimp”)
Mark Carstairs - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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