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An Handful Of Dust – Map Of Scars

An Handful Of Dust
Map Of Scars
by Branislav Stanojevic at 23 October 2015, 2:19 PM

Have you ever come across the band that instantly land onto your spot and gave you an ease, or a moment where you dwelled your thoughts? The first second of it makes you think, recall, rescape the past? Well, that happens here.

Italian based Progressive Metal, Power Metal oriented band formed in 2000; they released their 3rd manifest entitled “Map Of Scars” in February, this year. Lyrically bonded with imagination and states of mind, fiction and fantasy, they're blending this melancholic riffing and sorrowful vocaling into a label that could actually be one decent and interesting read.

Kicking off with a “In The Nightdrive Shade”, a fine intro in-before a stressful and melancholic story. Sweet-fully mixed and combined rhythm with wistful emotion inside vocal session – decent lay. Shoegazic or even Post Metal opening of “Our Frail Connection” then all of the sudden kicking into Progressive Metal ballad, a classic and I might say very common for Prog-based bands. Going from one side of metal-scale to another, I, kind of, found myself lost within all the material; loving the combo of two different vocalizing sessions, though. There's something really strange when Mauro's singing high scales – somehow, it's so gloomy and even a bit depressive, bleak yet profaning. You can find everything I mention here in title number three “Don't Walk Away” - battle of vocal styles within Progressive based interioer, a sad and depressive as is the theme. Musically speaking, these guys are well-taught and skilled and there's nothing much I could mind. “Intensive Care Unit” is an instant recall of BE'LAKOR and their approach in musical creation (even though they're worlds for themselves, I hear that pattern here).

This EP is something that you'll like to listen to, but somehow after few listens you get fed of it and place it somewhere in a box, but don't forget about owning it. Decent work, indeed.

4 Star Rating

1. In The Nightdrive Shade
2. Our Frail Connection
3. Don't Walk Away
4. Intensive Care Unit
Gianluca Gobbi - Bass
Nicolas Pezzetta - Guitars
Giovanni Valente - Guitars
Christian Di Lenardo - Drums
Mauro Forgiarini - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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