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An Unction in Braille - The Wordless Whisper

An Unction in Braille
The Wordless Whisper
by Justin Joseph at 14 January 2022, 10:23 PM

Just like the blade of a knife, there exists no standard way for which it's steel can carve a hymn to tyranny, for its symphony can take upon many forms as it etches it's notes upon flesh, where it's stroke can separate gristle and bone or sever the head from torso. Such is the sentiment where Death Metal is concerned, just like there exists different facets to torture, so does there exist a myriad of extremities where the genre is concerned.

This brings me to today's release, "The Wordless Whisper" by AN UNCTION IN BRAILLE, for at its epicentre it is an EP that erects it's monolith upon the bones of past bands where it's very essence is ingrained with the ichor that once coursed through those same acts…but the reverence for which this release deserves comes not from its ability to weave a macabre aura from a sound that is already know…rather AN UNCTION IN BRAILLE uses this atmosphere combined with their own elements to create an energy which entombs the listener in a cocoon of stimuli, for it is these moments that manifests a more immersive experience where "The Wordless Whisper" exudes a raw-like ambience to its aura and instrumental compositions.

Take for instance the tracks, "An inch from Death" and "Dark as Black", the manner in which the percussion and strings conjoin into another yet at times they branch off into their own rhythmic flows is one of the meritorious trait of this EP that bleeds into the architecture of the other songs, for it is like that of potent rage that veils other emotions where it assimilates and obscures. This to me, is where AN UNCTION IN BRAILLE radiates in its musical components, as the torrential discordance arrives not from trying to craft a hollow facade but instead it feels as though it emerges from a womb of contemptuous malice, where it is the emotion that heralds the instrumental construct.

But if the sound of revulsion should be summoned forth, it's spirit should be directed, it's path should be carved, for a fire which burns should always devour whatever stands in its course…this is where the vocals enter, as it is a force which compliments the atmosphere forged from the instruments yet it also ascends the overall listening experience to a different realm as it fleshes out the bones that were created by the instruments. In other words the vocals becomes the very breath of air that fills the nostrils of this vehement beast, it becomes the tongue that sputters these sermons tinged in malevolence.

"The Wordless Whisper" can be simply summarized as an EP which acts as a conduit for the emotions that festers within one's mind, the very plague that rots the silver chords that anchors one to sanity. In my opinion, AN UNCTION IN BRAILLE, does a rather splendid job in using the facets of Death Metal to sculpt this into realization.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Catharsis
2. Of The Dead
3. An Inch From Death
4. Sickening Sweet
5. Dark As Black
Robert Meroski – guitar
Kieran Beaty – guitar
Wes Welch – bass
Jacob Lindquist – drums
Josh Veck – vocals
Record Label: Independent


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