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Anabioz - There the Sun Falls

There the Sun Falls
by Jessica Pearman at 12 January 2015, 8:35 PM

ANABIOZ, born in 2006 in Russia, as Russia’s own Folk Metal representatives; they have actively toured since 2006, sharing the stage with bands such as HOLY MOSES, TIAMAT, VADAR, IMMOLATION, SUFFOCATION and BENEDICTION. They have taken part in the international festival Metal Head’s Mission -7 and -8.  This festival has brought about positive receptions from more than just their local listeners. In 2008 ANABIOZ recorded their first album “Through Darkness”. Their second album, “…To Light”, was written and released just one year later in 2009.

Now ANABIOZ is back with their third release “There the Sun Falls”. This album was released in July of 2014. “There the Sun Falls” comes in with ten tracks and just about 46 minutes of listening time. The intro, “When Death is Watching Me”, starts slow and spoken in a gentle female voice. Then the drums come in hard, opening the track heavy guitar and very low growled vocal. Of course, that gentle female vocal accompanies in an angelic contrast. The guitars and bass are low with a catchy riff and a pretty cool solo.

Track two, “Solntsevorot” begins with a squalling violin piece backed with the ever-balancing drums. In twist of about 180 degrees, the violin nips out and the guitars take over in a much lower subdued tone. The violin is the keeper of the Folk in this track. If its presence were gone, this would be a Black Metal track all the way. Again, the drum work is incredible. The blast beats are perfect and creative. Guitar work and growled vocals are really good.

Track four “Dance, Dance”, is a much more upbeat and fast track. The violin and drums bring the speed, while the guitars, bass, and growled vocals bring the lowness to keep the Metal versus Folk in check. The track is creative, fun, and catchy. A great track to have towards the middle of the album. Track five “Obereg” starts with a much less Folk sound, but quickly turns to be one of the more folk based track on “There the Sun Falls”.

There the Sun Falls” is a very good Folk Metal album. If you enjoy Folk Metal and clean female vocals along with a more Black Metal male vocal, this is an album you need to check out. Russia is represented well by ANABIOZ in the Folk Metal scene.   

3 Star Rating

1. When Death is Watching Me
2. Solntsevorot
3. Put’ Vo T’me
4. Dance, Dance
5. Obereg
6. The Maid that Sold her Barley
7. Under the Alien Sky
8. This Golden Drink
9. There the Sun Falls
10. Silver Bride (Bonus)
Olga “Helga” - Vocal, Violin
Anton “Jazzzdeath” - Vocal, Guitar
Damir “Mystic” - Guitar
Alexey “Grave” - Bass
Alexander “Posox” - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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