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Anachoret - Syndrom

by Andrew Harvey at 04 April 2022, 5:52 AM

ANACHORET is quite simply a one man band with solo member K.C. who creates all the music himself in the black metal style, he set sail on his music journey in 2009 which was marked by the arrival of demo AM RANDER ALLER LICHTER. In 2015 came his EP titled HORIZONT, then there was a split between ANACHORET and IDISENFLUCH with an album titled IDISENFLUCH/ANACHORET. But then in 2017, saw yet another split album this time between ANACHORET and URGEWALT which was called DIE MASKE DES ROTEN TODES/KÖNIG PEST.

After two years of a long absence from making music, K.C. began the early stages of what was to be his debut album in 2019. There was a delay for the recording process for the songs that were to be featured on the debut album titled SYNDROM, the recordings were completely finished in 2021 giving K.C. enough time to give the tracks his full attention. The album itself brings an ‘expansion of inner conflict, the feeling of homelessness and the transience of life’ but also a ‘struggle with inner demons’. There is certainly a deep understanding of rather intense emotions but also ‘the beauty and permanence of nature, which characteristics the album can be found in the epic moments of the work’.

The debut album begins with the intro track titled “Chasing The NIght Sky” with racing guitar riffs, dashing drum patterns and screaming vocals. The description of the album is certainly accurate, conflict or a struggle of inner demons is evident. Even the narrator's voice is so haunting with mellow guitar and steady drum hits. An instrumentalist section as vocals project over all the maddening noise of black metal. “Home” starts with guitar and drums, as guitar is more sustained before vocals cut through and drums turn to a more chaotic rhythm of blast beats, but much faster.

Guitar has a slight reduction in volume or diminuendo but then becomes even in tempo as drums continue as they were. Acoustic guitar comes as well being plucked slowly before distorted guitar returns and plays similar riffs as does drums. “Das Meer In Deinen Augen” follows guitar as it’s leading instrument as vocals endure so much shrieking and with additional vocal layers, it certainly adds to the mix. There are also double kick patterns and some creative juices with rhythm but the tone is certainly disjointed. Acoustic guitar makes it’s next appearance with a gothic but sombre tone with drums are more settled before letting loose.

“Grace Of Decay” opens with acoustic guitar so another theme of isolation, there is another guitar part layered on but then a quick transition back into full swing. Another dive into black metal mania with crazy guitar riffs and drums that attempt to erode the audio spectrum with speedy patterns once again. A return for acoustic guitar bringing some colour and vibrant sound to the track, before the usual black metal implosion so fast and furious. “Winter” with a more scary and occult atmosphere of high end guitar riffs as drums steadily flow in the mix.

This track shares the same characteristic of long, sustained notation by guitar and slow but clarified drum patterns, guitar even can be heard rising in pitch as vocals enter the mix screaming as loud as before. The faster drum patterns are clear and concise, even the guitar has a short solo as vocals rise to the occasion once more as the track pursues more themes of isolation and hopelessness, perhaps even darker themes. Guitar suddenly changes tone and it is lighter and rather more noticeable as we go into the next track.

“Freiheit” repeating long heavy guitar riffs with metallic drumming as for vocals, there is nothing new here to discover but we can still hear the angst and dreaded fear in the vocalist, seeking attention. The gasps as well with vocals and barks but more growling as well like a wild animal, maybe this is what the producer wanted us to hear more than anything was the sheer cries of someone reaching out. Even guitar gets a short leading role then acoustic guitar is back again, we can hear the dryness of it, but this really stands out, exposing the true nature of guitar that is subtle.

Acoustic like drums also come into play here and the track is then picked up by ascending guitar, gritty again. We also hear the backing up of vocal harmonies maybe, echoing in the far reaches of our grasp for listening but they are there. Cymbal hits and the narrator's voice also come back one last time before the end of this album, only for piano to close the curtain on this dark but truly well produced album. I think this is only one of those times that I have enjoyed hearing black metal because it tends to be very monotonous, but not this one man band, this is totally. I would like to hear another album or even an EP maybe, there is certainly more to explore for this talented artist.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Chasing The NIght Sky
2. Home
3. Das Meer In Deinen Augen
4. Grace Of Decay
5. Winter
6. Freiheit
K.C. - All Instruments and Vocals
Record Label: Folter Records


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