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Anachronaeon – The Ethereal Throne Award winner

The Ethereal Throne
by Cory A. Jones at 20 February 2012, 11:49 AM

Oh how I love concept albums, and I think we’ve got a zinger of a concept Metal album here. ANACHRONAEON is a Dark Metal duo from Sweden that may just win the award for ridiculously long name. After all, who the heck is going to remember a name like that? Well, Actually, You might want to memorize it because this is a damned good album that deserves attention from any fan of Death, Doom or Dark Metal.

So these two guys have created a sound even a good amount of six-piece bands can’t seem to do right, and as a guy who complains about Death Metal growls with some frequency; they sound great. Patrik Carlsson deserves some kind of award for what he does on this album; he throws out some killer riffs, and uses a uncommonly understandable Death Metal growl to tell the story of the album. It actually bears a slight resemblance to NOVEMBER’S DOOM, but retains enough uniqueness to stay fresh.

In a nutshell; “The Ethereal Throne” is a story told from the perspective of a serial killer who bases his motives in his religious beliefs. It’s not exactly the easiest story to follow, but after a few listens it becomes more interesting and fun to disambiguate. I really love the guitar work throughout the album, and the slower melodic pieces are just as enjoyable as the heavy riffs. I think Andreas Akerlind’s double-kick speed makes this sound really work as well as the riffs do. All around; it sounds pretty killer. I think my favourite tracks are “Mary”, “The Inevitable Day”, and the instrumental closer “A White Dove Flew Over The Prison Walls”.

The album is not easy to track down just yet, but I believe it should be widely available in the next month or so. I highly recommend this record. Dig the shit, and remember to support these bands. They may be the next big name we’ve been waiting for.

4 Star Rating

1. Mary
2. The Essence of My Becoming
3. To Ashes
4. The Whereabouts of My Father
5. Defying My Master
6. Seeds Of Darkness Sprouting In Light
7. The Inevitable Day
8. Shattering The Earthly Bond
9. A White Dove Flew Over The Prison Walls (Instrumental)
Patrik Carlsson- vocals, guitars, bass
Andreas Åkerlind- drums
Record Label: Stygian Crypt Productions


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