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Anacondas - Sub Contra Blues

Sub Contra Blues
by YngwieViking at 07 October 2013, 6:57 PM

I hate snakes but I’m fascinated by those reptiles, and I can handle a good documentary on TV about those repulsive animals from time to time. However, one of my personal dislikes are sub down tuned guitars even though sometimes it can reveal something interesting in those low rumble vibrations. On a regular basis I am a fan of extreme Metal music, but for me the assortment of Sludge / Grunge and Post-Metal aren’t in the same musical circle. It all ends up as a matter of quality; those dissonant stripped-down riffs aren’t for me. Since I was pretty curious, so I tried this album, with some expectance to listening to a modern blend of Stoner kind of Metal.

The British trio ANACONDAS and their debut album "Sub Contra Blues", is exactly what I share no admiration for and this particular shindig ended up being a pure garbage to my ears, the worst of Grunge mixed up with the most putrid elements coming from 90's Hardcore mixed with downward spirit Alternative, and a few under fuzzy Stoner flavors in order to complete the horrid picture. In a way, I might not be the right guy to make a real analysis of such bad sounding recording, it’s certainly a wish of the Brighton based combo and their “producer” Russ Russell, to reach out to everyone. Maybe I’m too old or something or too picky; anyway this "Sub Contra Blues" gives me a Headache… Sorry.

The Metal tag provided by Prosthetic Records is a double edged sword , because there is nothing about Metal in it, I think that I should not have to waste my time with this record and my ears should have had to stay in the gap of such mischief. 

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1. Moon On Fire
2. Down By The River
3. Cold Blooded Warm Headed
4. Simianimal
5. Sub Contra Blues
6. High Horse
7. The Witches
8. This Night Will Last Forever
James Hunter – Bass
Tim Newman – Drums
Stuart Hunter – Guitar/Vocals
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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