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Anael - Mare Award winner

by Laura Glover at 02 March 2021, 7:10 AM

Mare”, meaning “seas” (plural of sea); is the fourth release in a series of albums. Each album paying homage to the four elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. Black Metalists, ANAEL, released “Mare” on February 4, 2021 to Into Endless Chaos Records. ANAEL has been pounding out music since 1999. This album, whose watery aesthetic presents its theme throughout; the album cover is a stunning blend of blues, and greens. Almost having the appearance of a work of art that would exist on my wall at home. However, it is the music that is the star of this show. To which I will dive into detail of why I feel that way when I break down the songs. This quartet of German’s decided to stay true to their own sound despite an ever-shifting world of trends. ANAEL presents themselves as artists; poignant, thoughtful, intelligent, well played, and well written. Some bands choose a more theatrical route, opting to have part of their impact be their look. ANAEL chose a much more subtle approach all around, allowing their music room to be its own beacon. Music I enjoyed and lost myself in.

Odyssey” - I find myself truly liking ANAEL’s instrumental inclusions. But I wanted to start off by saying, Primeumathon is perfection on drums; many instances throughout this album I have noted how his drumming turned these songs into fire. The band as a whole play so great! There is vocals, but they come and go and don’t overtake the song. Which allows room for the instrumental glory to rock your socks off. “Glasspeople” - The guitar rises and falls, enticing the vocals to play. Abruptly scorching face with some raging chords. Vocals aren’t “screamy”, but have a harsh growl to them. Again, the drums are the absolute backbone of the song. I would love to come to a show just to watch this guy beat on the drum!! There is a soothing, atmospheric sound to this song. One could close their eyes and get lost in a trance of ANAEL. Yet, past the halfway point of the song the beat picks up perfectly.

Sophia” - This is a song with a “foot tapping” beat, full and lush guitar; and Seraphackh’s tortured, haunted voice creating emotion. Speaking of the depths and coldness of darkness within, aptly matching the connotations laid out with Seraphackh’s voice. “Dreamtide” - As usual, the drums light my fire in this band. This is a semi-atmospheric song, not fast paced at all. The musical overtures, though, are poignant pieces of poetry written in musical notes. It is rare to find such a stunning musical compilation. My favorite pieces of “Mare” are the pieces between the vocalist, where the music just kind of wanders. Magic is found there.

Mare” has been an absolute pleasure to review. This is a rare album that I will find myself listening to again after the review. This album is perfectly produced to create this wonderful, artistic piece. I recommend giving ANAEL a listen. You might be surprised that you fall in love with their music too.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Odyssey
2. Anachron
3. The Glass People
4. Sophia
5. Dreamtide
6. The Darkness Within
7. Chant
Primeumathon – Drums
Seraphackh – Guitars, Vocals
C.W. - Guitars
P.W. - Bass
Record Label: Into Endless Chaos Records


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